Looking for a reasonably priced good quality interconnect

I’m looking for a quality interconnect to couple  my Oppo 105D player with my vintage CJ P11 preamplifier. I’m looking to spend in the low hundreds of dollars. 
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It’s good to hear so many positive responses to the Morrow cables.
Sounds like I’ll have to spend a lot of time burning them in.
You could make a very nice set w/Neotech wire or you could order some Furutech ADL Alpha Line-1 for  $81 1m pr. Wonderful sounding cables.
I have an Oppo bdp105d and use Morrow MA6 with Eichmans. I found them used on Agon for about $500. They replaced my MA3s and showed a great improvement. Fantastic cables for the price new and a steal used if you can find them. 
The MA3s are still good, but the 6s are a big step up!
I am presently using a ballanced pair of .5 meter MG Audio Design nteronnects between my OPPO 205 and Rega Orisis integrated amplifer.  They run for $900 a pair.  I learned about them from Arnie Nudell mentioning them and have later learned thar Paul McGowan of PS Audio prefers them.  Suppoidly the Colorado Audio Society compared them to top of the line Nordhost and preferred the MG Audo Design. I know that even the lowest priced MG Audio Design interconnects, which go for $700 a one meter pair are superior to my pair of Audience 24AU SE interconnects, and their $1100 inbetween interconnects are easily best buys.  Again, being able to ue a half meter pair of the top of the line MG Audio Design interconnects makes an incredible improvment for the money.  And for the money, nothing else comes even close.

It also depends on what you are looking for in terms of sonics. That bucket is deep too.

An all around good working well performing cable is the harmonic Tech Magics. Current edition I’d suspect. Does most everything well. Its not the end of all cables, just pretty darn good.

Deals ought to be had on older bversions of higher end cables too. Wires like the MIT magnum line, SR Resolution Refs with active shielding,, etc..

Audio art are a very decent performer without lengthy run in times. Cardass neutral refs were a slam dunk appealing to many and I used one for my main IC for a long time.

For more input on cost effective wires search here for ‘Cables that won’t break the bank in 2017”. It is extensive in its feedback.