Looking for a reasonably priced 20A power cord

I've decided to purchased a Niagara 5000 unit to power my system and I need a power cord for it, it doesn't come with one. The unit will be 20 inches from the wall socket so I don't need a long power cord. I'm looking for a reasonable 20A power cord, something of good quality. 

Any suggestions? 
BTW, I would recommend you avoid making your power cable too precise.  There will always be times when you want to move things around, so the shortest I'd recommend is 3'
Thanks for the information, Erik. I’m looking for an off the shelf solution.

I live in a small apartment, the rack is not going to move, it will stay 20 inches from the wall which had two dedicated 20A circuits, and the Niagara 5000 will be put standing up on its side against the rack. So, I don’t need a long power cord.
Check THE CABLE CO. you may be able to demo a couple of power cords.
I don't know what "reasonably priced" means.  But here are a couple options I see:


And Audio Sensibility makes several cables that have an option for 20A IEC.  They are in Canada and pricing is CAD.  USD is about 75% of CAD right now.  The minimum IEC they offer is the Statement SE, which is 384 CAD or $283 USD.  The Statement model is likely better because it's larger at 11awg, but much more expensive.


Power cords with 20A IEC can be hard to find because many companies only offer this as an option.  Not sure if "The Cable Company" would have many or any to test because this is not really the norm.
There's Cullen Cable: http://www.cullencable.com/crossover-series/
He makes several lines of cables and this one is kind of in the middle of his offerings.

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Audioquest Thunder 
Sorry, I need to make corrections to my post.  For Audio Sensibility, the minimum 20A IEC power cord option is the Testament SE (not Statement).

That Voodoo Black Magic might be a good option because it's a huge 8awg cord which will carry a lot of current.  However, it's described as "micro-fine copper conductors", which tells me it uses very tiny strands of wire (not good in my opinion).  The Audio Sensibility cords all use OCC copper, which is better.

The nonoise suggestion of Cullen could be a good for the money option, but keep in mind that they use silver-plated copper and is only 4N copper (not a lot).

I just thought of another option here:


I suspect the VH Audio cables are likely the best of all the options we have discussed.  The "VH Audio flavor 4" cables appear to be what you want.  It's a large 9awg cord.  It uses "low strand count" bundles, which tell me the individual wire strands are rather thick (good thing).  I priced a 4 foot with Furutech Gold 15A male and a Furutech Gold 20A IEC for $408.  It might be more than what you want to spend, but I think it's the best option in this "reasonable" area (before pricing really gets crazy)
Well, I had decided to fork over the money for a 1m, Nordost Heimdall 2 with a 20A connector, and put the order in a couple of days ago, only to be told today by the dealer that Nordost won’t make that cable for me. Gee, thanks Nordost, my money is not green enough or I’m not spending enough, I guess.

I was hoping for a silver cable. Any other possibilities? My audio guru likes silver cable with gold contacts but I think that’s way above my price range.
Wire World Silver Electra 7.  It is a 12awg silver-clad copper power cord with silver clad copper plugs.  The Cable Company prices this at $490 for a 1M with a 20A IEC.

The Nordost Heimdall is only a 16 awg power cord.  Probably not the best thing you want to feed the Niagra 5000 power distribution unit (since this will be powering your entire system).  That's why I focused on larger awg cables (such as 8awg or 9awg).
Good point, auxinput.

My latest effort is to buy a custom cable from Cullen, this one:


which is 10awg and have Patrick Cullen install gold plated connectors on it for me. I’ve asked, I’ll see if he’ll do it.

Yes, this cable feeds the whole system, including the mighty Gryphon Colosseum stereo amp. I might upgrade the Gryphon’s power cable as well, It is currently a 12awg hospital grade cord.
Update: Patrick Cullen is willing to build me custom cables with the Sonarquest carbon gold connectors so I’m going that route. It’s going to take a little while but, hopefully, it should be worth it. I can run with the stock power cords for a while, after I get the Niagara 5000 next week. I ordered a cheap 20A cord from Amazon.