Looking for a "dark" sounding xlr ic....?

I've got an adcom 750 cd player hooked up to an electrocompaniet integrated, and while this shows better resolution than the combo I had before, it's too bright. Right now I've got anonymous silver rca's and want to switch to the xlr sockets. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks for your time.
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Your EC amp is on the warm side.
From what I've read,your Adcom should sound fairly neutral.
You dont say what silver interconnects you are using.That can make or break your sound.
A good silver should not sound bright.I have heard bright silver interconnects.
If you want to keep a warmish sound,you may need better silver or go with a good copper.
For silver you may want to look at RS Audio Cables 'Illume' silver.It can be terminated with XLR's but then you will miss out on the Eichmann silver plugs (RCA's) This cable is very detailed with real fine focus and deep,tight bass but yet is not bright.
Another good silver cable is Homegrown Audio Silver Lace.IMO a step down from the Illume.
For copper if you want to go dark/warmer try MIT T-2 more neutral,T-3 warmer.
Kimber Hero is another copper to consider also.
I agree with David99...my system is similar to yours and I don't feel it is bright...maybe a different silver IC would work. I have tried 2 different ones in my system and like the Homegrown Audio myself. I'm sure to a tubophile it would sound bright...maybe that is the direction you may want to head?
i have auditioned the adcom cd player and had good results with a hybrid balanced cable. i heard them with a harm tech pro-silway ii.
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I'll second David99's endorsement of the RSA Illume` cables, I'm using the rca's with the bullet plugs and think they're great. Open like all good silver cables but well-balanced. I'm sure they would sound great balanced as well. FWIW I'm using tubed seperates, so perhaps there won't be synergy with ss gear, but like others I've heard the Electro integrated described as dark and rich, and the price on the RS cables is tough to beat.
I've tried a few XLR cables between my Benchmark DAC1 and BAT preamp. One that did not show any signs of brightness in my system was the Pure Note Cerulean. I wouldn't call it "dark" though. Very natural and listenable. I'm still undecided long term between the Cerulean and a Cardas Golden Reference.
Thanks for the responses. I didn't know the eci-3se had a rep for being "dark and rich". It doesn't come across that way in replacing a MFA Magus pre and OCM Belles amp. I'll look into Cardas and RSA cables.