Looking for a quick answer about an HK AVR-7200

I have just a few days left while I can still return it.I was mislead by an ad that said it was THX Ultra certf'd,which it isn't.My fault for impulse buying.I got it for $1000, supposedly brand new,but the dated stamp reads Feb.2003.I'm not thoroughly familiar with the newest technologies (192/24 DAC).If I run the DVD player through it,is this necessary for good sound since the 7200 has full analog already and digital.I'm concerned about wasting money when I'm looking for quality on a budget since I'm still laid up from the Ground Z search & Rescue and on a extremely limited income,but since this is my main source of entertainment,I splurged because I already have a 42"plasma.I had 2 Wharfdale Valdus 400 speakers also a set of Klipsch THX 5.1's from my computer I'm wondering if I can incorporate(for another post).My main concern is the quality of the 7200 for $1000. Opinions,please! I wont hold you to anything,don't feel responsible and hold back.I have my own, but I'll take my as much input as possible before the 5 day deadline to decide.
Many thanks in Advance.
Kmiller3,upstate NY
I've never owned any HK equipment, but what I can tell you is this, if you are unsure of your purchase - take it back. Then give yourself a few days to do some reading/research on A/V recievers. I know that sometimes it is hard to resist what you percieve a "good" deal, been there myself and have got burned. I now won't buy anything unless I know exactly what I am getting. I can also tell you that you can stretch your money farther if you don't mind buying used gear, I'm sure that there are comparable/better recievers here on Audiogon for less than $1k.
As far receivers go you got a great deal with the avr7200 at a $1000. That receiver was Hk's flagship last year and is over half off the original price. Don't worry about THX anything, it's just marketing hype. Plenty of refined clean power from a receiver has made this model popular. Sit back and enjoy.
I am an owner of the HK AVR-7200. I purchased the unit new in February from a respected online dealer and have been happy with the unit. I have upgradeitis and have since picked up a Krell power amplifier and Krell preamplifier for powering my front two channels. I am still using the AVR7200 in my system for when I use home theater and multichannel music (AVR powers my center and rears). The unit does everything I expected a receiver of its price/size/brand to do. It is a monster sized receiver with quality sound and performance. I was hesitant to purchase used equipment, but now am hooked on it. You may be able to do better for $1000 used but then you might now be dealing with a warrantied new piece of equipment. I can only think of a few receivers that I would rather have and you probably have to spend more to get them even used. I am beginning to learn there is always going to be a "latest and greatest" just around the corner. Just my thoughts. Feel free to contact me.
I am currently using an HK 7200 and I think its a great value for the price. The sound is warm and clear and the stated power of 100 watts per channel (in MC mode) seems seriously underrated.

IMO your not going to find very many viable upgrade options if you want decent 2-channel sound and good HT surround capability in one <$1K package.
Thanks for all the input.I really appreciate it.So,I can assume I'm not wrong saying the 192/24 accessary isn't necessary for me in this case,since the 7200 is both fully analog and digital.I guess I'm old school,I prefer analog.Digital just doesn't seem to fit into a sentence with the word "stereo".I think I'll keep it and move on from here.Thanks again.