Looking for a Quality Desktop Solution

Holiday greetings to my fellow audiophiles.

I am hoping you have some suggestions to complete a desktop audio system for my home office.  I run Roon in my main two-channel system and have a MRendu as a streaming Roon endpoint I'd like to use as the start for this system.  So I need a DAC/Amp and either powered or passive small form near-field monitors since I don't have a ton of space on my desk.

My budget is 3K.




There are a pair of Quad S-2 over on usaudiomart for ~$1K. I had the S-5 model for about a year and rue the day I sold them. Still looking for another pair until this day. Might be a good solution for the recommended "Behind You" config.


On a desktop in the near field I think the KEF LS50 concentric driver topology makes a lot of sense. If you get the powered version you might be able to just plug in your Ethernet or streamer and be done. Best of luck.

I've been happiest with single driver in desktop type application.  No driver integration issues, and they can sound good at low volumes.



It also looks like the new LS50 is Roon certified so you could sell MRendu. That would be a sanitary setup.

Only negative is flexibility forfeit over separates.

The passive LS50 (what I have) is a little too big to be on a desktop. The new active one with DSP (and desktop setting I think) would be better, but then you do not need the Hegel 390.

The isoacustics stand are really a must for desktop speakers.

Amazon.com: IsoAcoustics Iso-Stand Series Speaker Isolation Stands with Height & Tilt Adjustment: Iso-155 (6.1” x 7.5”) Pair : Musical Instruments