Looking for a quality CD/DVD player under 1K

I'm in the market for a new DVD player and have been looking into the Toshiba SD-9200 Player. Does anyone
know of a player that's better sounding and built as well for the money. My budget is 750.00 or less. Any thoughts
or feedback on the sd-9200 or other players would be grand. Thanks
Buy a new Philips SACD 1000 off someone in the Audiogon classifieds for @ $500.00. It's a great cdp for redbook, a DVD player PLUS you get multi-channel SACD playback. It's a tank and a bargain.
I would bet the Sony 9000 ES would beat the Phillips machine. Just a guess, I wouldn't be afraid to compare the two. You can get the Sony usually around 650 bucks.
You might want to check out the pioneer elite 47ai that does DVD-A, SACD, with great video quality. It's a universal player with good sound and excellent video. I'm happy with mine.
http://www.soundseller.com/specials.htm - had some new
Sony 9000ES machines on sale.
for the money the best dvd under 1k is sony 9000es i had to upgrade to the 6k proceed player to beat its sound and pic . by the way its the only player mark levinson sells in his store red rose on madison ave in nyc . im selling mine now for 650.00 if your intrested email me , thanks david
Thanks for all the feedback. Has anyone compaired the Sony 9000es to the Toshiba SD-9200 for music and
or video playback?