Looking for a quality all around unit

I am selling off all my separates. Except for my turntable (and maybe my vintage speakers). I would like to find a one unit that can connect to a tv as well as the turntable and mp3 players. I am not impressed with those $2000 AV Receivers such as Denon/Yamaha/Marantz. Quality seem rather low. Want something with some heft and meat but simple. Not into all those blings. Reason for this thinking is that I live in NY. Space is gold here. So anything that can save space. output good sound and feel good spending a decent amount of dough goes a long way. Suggestions.
NAD avoids the fluff and may have what you are looking for.
Arcam makes several types of "all in one" receiver type units that are very high quality. What about a Linn Classic? It includes everything but the speakers.
I agree with the Arcam recommendation. I have an AVR200 integreated. Very warm, very strong. There is also their SOLO line, but I don't know if you can hook up other front-ends to that.
I'm into Music Hall. You will need a phono pre with most mentioned here.
I have never actually heard one, but if I were you, I'd be considering the Musical Fidelity kW250S.

I'd also be considering a Linn unit like the Classic mentioned above.
I am not sure if you are going just two channel or multichannel. My advise for multichannel is the Onkyo 805 and one of the Oppo universal players. $1200 buys: 7.1 channels of amplification, HDMI 1.3, phono stage built in, hefty power supply, ipod/mp3 inputs, 3 zones, made in Japan (not China), SACD/DVD-A/DVD-V/CD. I have both but do not use the amps, only the processing part of the Onkyo. Never a hiccough with the Onkyo. The Oppo is great, even with redbook CD. I think the quality of the sound would surprise you. Both companies give you a 30 day trial in your home and return if you don't like them.
correction, advice, not advise. typo.
These are really helpful suggestion. Thanks. Any thoughts of a successful 2 channel integrated amp Home Theater?
Mine currently is:

vintage Yamaha cr-420 (receiver)
Marantz DVD player (~ $350 3-4 years ago, model # not handy)
Sony VHS recorder/TV tuner
Triangle Titus speakers with M&K sub (see system pics)
Dual 1264 tt hooked in for good luck

This is in an average sized family room. Sounds great, clean, musical, not the ultimate for movie sound effects, but very respectable there.

Total cost second hand for receiver/amp + speakers + sub today on used market probably ~ $700-$800 dollars.
Well, the Meridian G95 is probably the best all in one box you can get. And it has a dvd player in it too. The only problem is that it's really expensive! Though there is one on sale here on Audiogon for $5200 right now...