Looking for a preamp with remote for phone

I have a Plinius M14 phono preamp and need a preamp so I can listen to vinyl. I'm looking to spend around 1500.00 and must have remote control. Anybody got any suggestions? My CD setup can be run directly to my amps and I'm not looking to replace that. When I listen to vinyl I'm looking to plug up my preamp. I would love XLR outs also.

Thanks for your suggestions.
What is your power amplifier?
If it's sencitive with high gain and input impedance I would recommend Placette passive preamp with remote control.
Before going to expencive ~$1500 Placette you can experiment with Creek OBH14 input selector/remote volume that is 5x cheaper.
Marakanetz, i think that Bryans is looking for a full function preamp with a built in phono stage and a remote, not just something that gives him mode selection and a remote. The phono stage and associated equalization and gain could not be dealt with on a passive or line stage type of device without going to yet another box. Sean
My amps are Atma-Sphere MA1. I currently have a Plinius phono unit so I could get away with a line stage. Now if I can find a good preamp with phono that can work also. I'm leaning on keeping the Plinius unless I can find something better.
You should definitely try Placette for 30 days with 100% money back if dissatisfied.
Make sure that you will order the balanced option. They will probably refuse to combine balanced with unbalanced for the sake of pure and undistorted transparency and keep your Plinius phono. Less-likely you will be better-off with built-in phono vs. M14.

I know the preamp that has a built-in state of the art phono stage(MM, MC, impedance switch) and it was for sale here for a measurable price comparing to new which is Kora Eclipse. The new price for this unit is arround $2.8k but if you sell M14 i believe you can stretch to Eclipse.
The phono preamp or basically saying this full function preamp blew my ARC PH3 stand-alone phono so you can make your conclusion. Don't know how it will be comparing to M14 with line preamp.