Looking for a preamp to pair with W4S monoblocks

I'm looking for a preamp in the $2K-$4K range to pair with Wyred4Sound SX-1000 monoblocks. Source is vinyl from a Rega RP-3. Speakers are Totem Forest. Listen to mostly rock, jazz and acoustic stuff.

A dealer today told me that the Parasound JC-2 would sound, and I quote, "Far too aggressive when paired with the Wyred4Sound amps." I'm open to going the tube route -- I used to own a Blue Circle pre, and loved it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, and thanks.
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A 60K input impedance should work for most tube preamps.
If you have no problems with buying used, keep an eye out for a used VAC Standard LE w/ phono, or a Shindo.
Why not a Wyred4Sound preamp? It would seem like a logical choice given you like the amps enough to buy them.
I would agree with Zd542. The Wyred4Sound STP-SE is a nice preamp and can be ordered with level one and level two modifications. It is a passive/active design and has a really nice volume control.
I would agree on the idea of a W4S STP-SE.

Mine has been paired to a W4S ST1000 for about two years to run Maggie 3.6s.

Very resolving and dynamic but not sterile. I have certain music that I can only describe "sweet sounding" with these components.

I do wonder if I am missing the "Maggie tube magic" but it will cost a lot more money to have a little bit more tube sound with the the same level of resolution.