looking for a preamp recommendation

I'm looking for a preamp recommendation for my Dussun v6i which I am using it as just a power amp to drive my Theil 2.2s.

Currently in my system I have an adcom GFP 555 II preamp and i'm dissatisfied with its overall quality and phono stage gain and i'm looking for an upgrade. i'd like to spend under $1000.
why not just go with the Adcom GPS 565 its a world apart from a 555. You could get the 565 for about 225.00 and have 775.00 in yr pocket for software or what ever. If yu want more then look for a used Classe DR-5 or 6 there right in your price range and have great phono boards and built to last unlike much of what is offered today. The AR SP-6b and 8 are full tube pres and in you price range. I had both the 8 was excellent but I prefer the 6B for its more romantic tube quality.I use the Adcom toady along with the Classe 5 both are winners but I like the 565 for complete silence but the Classe is way built compared to the Adcom..its your choice I hope I helped.
Schipo, Thanks for your response/recommendations very helpful!
You can use the AES AE-3 Tube Preamp, the sound quality using both is perfect. You have to try them! They're the perfect match.
Chatta, Thanks for your response. The AES AE-3 sounds great, i've read some good reviews and i am interested in auditioning some tube preamps based on your rec and Schipo's AR SP-6b, however I need two outputs.