looking for a preamp for pass XA30.5

I just got a Pass XA30.5 and I'm looking for a preamp.  I would like to spend in the 2k range.  I'm interested in a tube pre but not married to the idea.  I would like something with a balanced design and balanced connections to compliment the Pass amp.  I was looking at the Schiit Freya+ but I'm not sure if its impedance characteristics would match with the Pass amp?  I've seen some used Pass Preamps on A-gon that look cool?  Any suggestions?
I'm using a Pass XP10 with my 250.8 it's a very nice sounding combo. The only drawback is the limited RCA inputs.
I bought a SWL 9.0 Line Stage from Dan Wright, that he had rebuilt and upgraded. It is an amazing addition to my system, blew me away at the sound quality.

Couldn't be happier.