Looking for a pre-amp....

to match with my Jeff Rowland model 10... suggestions?
the jrdg synergy II will likely be a good match. the boulder 1012 is also worth a listen, should you want a pre/dac combo with a great phono stage thrown in. to my ears, the boulder 1012 is actually superior to any of jeff's current pre's, both line and phono stages; and, the dac section of the 1012 surpasses the accuphase 75v, IMO. you will need a 24 bit transport to take advantage of the 1012's attributes, tho.
You may want to consider also some very good tube pre-amps such as the BAT 50SE, CJ 16 or 17 and Hovland pre-amp if you are not so fanatical about the idea that a pre and power amp must be of the same brand. I have heard very nice set-up consisting of the "best of the both world" i.e. a tube pre and a solid state power.
"Unfortunately" BAT is the only one that has a balanced circuitry - rest is single ended (RCA). I have some friends who refuse anything but XLR because they want the technical advantage of having the " extra 6 dB" in their set-up.
Hope this helps.............................................
Let me clarify...I am ready to introduce a pre-amp in my set-up because while the digital output of the Wadia 850 (which is driving the model 10 directly) is a neat concept, it doesn't give me the satisfaction I am seeking.
Apart from the Jeff Rowland synergy II, I am open to suggestions to other alternatives as suggested by cyberone.
Has anyone done audition on those pre-amps with the model 10?