Looking for a portable player-decent but not crazy $$

I have just started searching for a portable music player that is capable of playing FLAC files as I am planning a trip and would like to listen while on airplane for 8 hours. This is what I think I am looking for, suggestions welcome:

Internal and external storage, capable of taking a SD and/or a micro sd as I can move most of what I might want to listen to onto a 128GB card

Internal DAC and headphone amp

Decent sound (yes, I know a lot is dependant on hp)

Bluetooth and mini, this way if I want to do some real listening I can use my better corded headphones

As I am expecting this to be limited use, I would rather not spend an unwarentened amount, thinking something around $300 +/-

As a side bar, perhaps thoughts for corded or bluetooth folding headphones, something decent, but would not be the end of the world if I happen to leave them behind. Noise cancelling perhaps?

Would love to hear from anyone that has already gone down this road.

If this is the wrong for place for this inquiry, please let me know, checked misc audio and did not spot anything there along this line.

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I got a Sony High Rez player that cost more than your budget, sounded amazing, but was very tiny—the size of a cigarette lighter-BT never worked, and worst of all, the slot for the SD cards is so ridiculously small that I can’t extract the one that I have in there, not even with surgical tools.  So I can play about 30 albums on it.  Sony makes another model in your price range, but obviously I’m not recommending it.
  I needed a new phone recently so I got the LG phone that was on the cover of Stereophile ( actually, it’s successor).  I’m burning albums to the SD card as I type.  BT works well, Sound is good if perhaps not as dynamic as the Sony, and I would rather not mess with two devices.  The phone cost about a grand but I rationalize it as both a phone and a high Rez music player.
  This is probably not the response that you wanted, but maybe you can learn from my mistakes...
Many options and reviews here https://headfonics.com/category/sources/daps/

i use a A&K model but a bit above your price range. You may find their older models on sale. They sound great however getting USIC on them can be a pain depending on how easily your computer can access android file loading software
I don't have a specific recommendation as I am not into portable audio, other than to check out Massdrop, they have a lot of drops for DAPs and a lot of reviews and comments. 

You might try Headfonia also - https://www.headfonia.com/best-portable-player-dap/ and InnerFidelity - https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelitys-wall-fame-portable-music-players

They will all have a lot of information about headphones (which I am into) and IEMs also.

A used Pono would be the ticket - I use one primarily in the car but was on a plane awhile back listening to the Pono and the battery died(you'll need an Anker USB charger) so I switched to running my phone(FLAC files on the Onkyo HF player) with the Audioquest Dragonfly Red which sounds pretty good but the difference was shocking.

The Pono is a very good sounding DAP - definitely has some quirks but it has it where it counts...
Some of the research I continue doing brings me to FiiO M9 , as it seems to check all the boxes. Anyone have any experience with it? 
No need for an external hi-Rez file player....all available through your iPhone or smartphone with a couple of plugin hi-Rez mods and a new download hi-rez player app.

(1);USB AUDIOQUEST DRAGONFLY mini-DAC / headphone amp and APPLE Lightning to USB Camera adapter

this bypasses the phone internal cheap DAC that is incapable of decoding hi-Rez digital files





(2) Bypass the iPhone internal  cheap imusic player incapable of handling hi-Rez files with a news hi-Rez player app via download



I have never felt the need for anything more than my LG g5 phone tbh.
Just buy a 256gb sd card and enjoy.
I use a pair of in ear Klipsch phones that honestly blew me away.

I HATE ear buds normally but these are so comfortable and the SQ is fantastic.

Plus they take up ZERO space at all.

Btw I travel for work nearly every week, ( million miler on Delta twice over) and these have stood up to many long trips.

i know two people that have the FiiO and they love it.  Personally I have no experience with it