Looking for a plenum-rated balanced cable that won't require a second mortgage

Am currently building a new house, and the architecture will dictate about a 10m run between the preamp location and the amp/speaker location.  Cables will need to run under the floor through the floor joists, so to meet code, they must be plenum-rated.  Looking to run balanced cables with Neutric XLR connections at either end to in-floor AV boxes.  Any recommendations for a good-sounding cable that doesn't cost a fortune?  Could be bulk cable and I'll terminate myself, or could be supplied with terminations.  Would like to keep the cost under $1000 all-in, and less if possible.  Thanks!

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If you’re having a hard time sourcing decent plenum cable just use conduit, then you can use whatever you want. Another advantage of using conduit is that you can add/change cables latter on down the road if need be.