looking for a place to buy blu-ray dvds

I've seen blu-ray.com any good?, can you folks possibly suggest a place where to buy blu-rays and not worry about quality.
Looking to start a small library.
www.cduniverse.com, click on movies/blu-ray.
Amazon.com; same thing...click on movies/blu-ray
Amazon is the best place to buy movies and music. Usually the most choices and the lowest prices. One thing that very few people seem to be aware of is their A-Z guarantee. You'll see in the feedback that many buyers have issues not with Amazon, but the marketplace sellers. If you have a problem with something you buy, you file a claim, and Amazon looks into the matter and always makes it right. So even if you buy something from a small vendor in another state that doesn't do the right thing, Amazon makes sure you get a full refund. Its hard to believe that a big company like that actually gets it right, but they do. You just have to be aware that you can file a claim.
I have found my local(central FL) pawn shops(Pawn America, Value Pawn) have the best deals on BD's, usually $5.00 to $12.00. Super Targets also have a good selection of $5.00, $7.50, $10.00, and $12.50 BD's.

You guys are great I will look up cduniverse, I buy from Amazon but I didn't know that they help out with problems good to know.
thank you all very much!!
Costco has good prices on 1 year+ movies and sometimes has deals on new releases
(I purchased "World War Z" For $17.99).
Also, Costco will do refunds on movies you don't like
(They may limit this option if they spot abuse).
Best buy typically matches prices from Amazon online, if I'm not mistaken, right in the stores. Occasionally, I see some deals at Walmart, but then yes, also Amazon.
Once in a blu moon (no pun), I'll see some minty restored or even new closeout deals at local mom and pop video rental stores, which have mostly all but disappeared in my neck of the woods.
Guess Netflix has taken a chunk, as well as the Zon.
Heck, were already seeing 4K and UltraHD displays at the stores, and the Blu disc will likely shrivel up and go online streaming medium, almost exclusively in the near future. Yes, the discs days are probably numbered, me thinks.
Still got my 100 blu disc collection though...looks stellar on a good projector
wow $17.99 for Z, its 29.99 at best buy, well done.
Costco is a great idea I am a member but never paid attention to the movies section.
I think best buy had a special on Tuesdays not sure if they still do.
I guess that the consensus is that quality is pretty much the same in most places.
thank you all for the info!!
retail stores have the worst prices on media including costco and other price clubs.
also don't pass by gemm.com that now have movies that can be purchased for potentially lower price than even amazon.
"Best buy typically matches prices from Amazon online, if I'm not mistaken, right in the stores. Occasionally, I see some deals at Walmart, but then yes, also Amazon."

You have to watch Walmart. There's nothing worse than finding out you bought a censored CD until after you open it.
Amazon - if you have a streaming system that supports it get Amazon Prime for $79 a year and get free 2 day shipping in addition to lots of free content streamed.