looking for a phono amp-used $100 to$300

hi, i will be getting back into vinyl and will be looking for a phono amp in $100 to $300 range. i have a bat vk3i line preamp and a vpi 11 tt with a well tempered arm a grado cart. i may get a new cart. in the future. what would be a good phono amp to look for used?
I picked up a Gram Amp 2SE here on a'gon for $180. It retails for $349. It's impressive -- fast, musical, quiet. I highly recommend it. It's got some pretty rave reviews, too, but I can't pin them down right now. Good luck, Rich
I think that there is a Lehman Black Cube w/PWX power supply posted recently for $350; a very good deal at that price and worked just fine w/my VK3i.
Try the Musical surroundings "phenomenon". Retails at around $600. Used price around $300. Very flexible impedence and gain.
why not go with the BAT internal phono section ?

look for a used one.

you would have to spend $1200 or more to match the sound quality of the internal card and that is also one less pair of interconnects.

I just upgraded to a acoustech ph1p, would be willing to sell my musical fidelity xlps for 175. its less than a year old,honestly though you might want something a bit better with the quality of your preamp ,and TT.
I second the Black Cube. Nice and also flexible settings.