Looking for a one box solution

I'm lately thinking I would like to up-grade my Oppo 105 to a better sounding option. I do very much like the fact that it does everything I want in one box. I listen to HD Tracks, stream Tidal and play CD, SACD, DVD, DVD-A & Blue Ray.
Is there a product that will do all that and give me better sound for a budget of $3,500, new or used. My HD tracks are on an external hard drive. I"m just looking for a few suggestions, Thanks!!
I have a 105 also.  I'd say you have 2 choices:  First, you can buy a really good 2 channel DAC and use the 105 for all multi channel.  The other option is to send your 105 to Modwright...
I can't see finding a better sounding stock multi player.
I agree. I am biased because I am a dealer but I am first a music lover and audiophile.

For 2 channel adding an Arcam iRDac II is a significant upgrade on certain file formats and your spending $800.

The Modwright does sound better than a stock 105 but it is a little bright so system matching is important. 

My favorite mod is from Exemplar that is a complete re manufacture of the 105 and turns it into the quality of an Esoteric but it is in the $3800 range.  A deal when compared to a $15,000 Esoteric.
wait for the Oppo 205
Go to tweakaudio.com for Ric Shultz at EVS to look at his mod to the output board. I sent only this board to him for the mod at about $650 and have been well pleased. Unless you are really in love with tubes, i would not spend more than the Oppo cost for a mod.
Thanks for the responses, if I were to add an outboard DAC how would that be hooked up? Thanks
toslink or coax digital out to the dac. 
@randy-11 I haven't read anything from Oppo that states the 205 audio will be any improvement over the 105. Not to say it won't be, but maybe you know something more.