Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so

hello all!

I’m looking for ideas on a ‘slam dunk’ flexible high value solidly performing INTEGRATED amp for an office system, but one that for a while can be my ‘go to’ or primary unit and is a bit above entry level.

preference is to buy new, but preowned in the right scenario works for me as well.

Pesently I’m starting all over in amassing gear and felt to initiate the project by wading into the water slowly.

I have on hannd remnants of my former   efforts in a then very good line stage preamp and DAC, though the DA age is showing and well behind current popular trends  and support for new formats.

also on hand are some ‘so so’ amps, and several pairs of speakers and I just added a Blue Sound Noede 2I.

ultimately I see nearly everything being replaced but felt starting with a very nice Integrated seems as good a starting point as any.

topology is as such, not too too imoportant. decent power however is key as speakers being paired here are as yet unknown. likelyhood here is a pair of monitors and a sub.

the music playback will likely be streaming from providers and NAS files.

Aesthewtix Mimas has peaked my interest currently. and having owned bAT their INT is interesting too. apart from these two I’m wide open to suggestions on current one box amp solutions..

glass or sand power here makes little difference apart from thereafter mating speakers to the INT power constraints..

your thoughts, and expieriences here are vastly appreciated. THX
The  Perreaux eloquence 250i is an heirloom product.  Your grandchildren will be able to use it.  It is a kind of perfection.  It looks fabulous, it has exactly the kind of sound you would expect from a high bias ( +- 13 watts) AB Mosfet design.  I was lucky enough to audition it in my own home for a week.  I went for an ATC integrated instead as it was cheaper.  It got an absolute rave review from Ken Kessler in Hi-Fi News.  I confirm his 'valve-like' sound.  My current set-up (Pass Labs 150.8 power and Emm Labs Pre) is like some 1% better.
If you’re looking for a bit of power, you might want to reconsider the Ayre Ax-5 Twenty generally considered to be one of the highest quality integrated on the market & better value at its retail of 15k (It’s so good that they keep raising the price) then most other ultra premium integrateds. That’s well above your target price point so the universe has stepped in to assist. You can at this moment buy it for about a third of retail (thousands below the number you want it lower then) from this fellow selling his on AG -

Even tube aficionado Art Dudley really liked it >


Someone is definitely going to consider this integrated a "no brainer" & snap it up at this price (I’ve never seen it go for this low). It’s newly listed so that’s why it’s likely still available. It doesn’t hurt that if you should ever decide to sell it, you’ll not only easily get your money out of it - but make a profit. Back to you.
Amazing deal on the Ayre.  I recently got a new one for more than twice the cost.  More than worth it still....
Safe recommendations in SS Integrated-
* Hegel H390 includes DAC (250wpc) $6k - Hegel has lots of positive reviews and many satisfied owners at it’s price point
* Cambridge Audio Edge A includes DAC (100wpc, Stereophile measured 145wpc) $6k
* Aesthetix Mimas (150wpc) $7k (TAS 50 Greatest Bargains in High-end Audio, add $1250 each for DAC and phono options; $500, headphone amp. The phono option got a great review in TAS Feb 2021 issue)
* Krell K300i (150wpc) $7k (add $1000 for optional DAC) - Class A amplification (tube-like warmer sound without the power limitation).

Like others mentioned, better to either pick electronics then decide speaker or choose speaker then decide on electronics.  Asking for both electronics +speaker combo gets you the Wild West answers.  
Devialet 220.  I've tried others and keep coming back to this one.  Got mine used for $4100.  Super easy to use.  Just wish it had balanced inputs.