looking for a nice small home theatre set up

i currently have ageing Linn home stereo(pretek set up) and now i would like to enjoy a home theatre set up with the same audio quality that i have been used to...
can anyone here recomend me such a set up......maybe it could be a ALL IN ONE componant or just a DVD player and AMP...
i am looking for MINIMUM features if possible and nice body and detail in the audio...
i would like to keep things less cluttered the older i get.
Linn unidisk SC CD/DVD/SACD/DVD-A player and 5.1 pre-amp in one box. Add a 5-channel amp and you're done.

I have one and am very impressed with it.
DVD and Amp combo wont be enough, you will need a processor for level matching and bass management, (if you are wanting 5.1)...I doubt any HT in a box will get you even close to what you want, tho I have always thought a movie can be very entertaining on a modest well thought out system, 2 channel not so easy.
If you like Linn, it sounds like the Classik Movie is what you may be looking for. One box with a CD/DVD player, pre/pro and 5.1 channels of power amplification, and a tuner to boot. You should be able to find one on Audiogon in the $2500-$3000 price range. What you don't get is SACD or DVD-A, HDMI, processing for 6.1 or 7.1 surround, or upgradeability to Aktiv however. Musically, you won't be missing anything if you're running a 15 year old Pre-tek/Power-tek combo. It's as good as you'll get for a one box solution.

The next step up would be what Jim is suggesting above. A Unidisk SC and 5125 power amp would run you about $5500 on Audiogon.

Give us a bit more information. Do you want a multichannel (5.1, 6.1, 7.1) surround sound HT system or are you looking for a simple 2-channel rig that will provide the audio quality to which you are accustomed, plus the ability to watch/listen to DVDs?

Also, what is your budget? What components, if any, do you plan to reuse in the new system?

reubent.......yes i should of been more detailed in my description.....
i'm not sure about all the 5.1 & 7.1.........i know we watch a lot of flix and rock dvd's and enjoy music listening........i would like to enjoy the sound effects that todays movie and concert dvd's offer.
i would like to use the linn tukan speakers for now until i can afford better or different.
i cant afford the Linn Uni disk system as markphd reccomended but maybe could stretch to the LInn classic movie system but i am worried that may not have the UMPH for music(maybe a subwoofer would help).
also i would consider a DVD player and home theatre amp...small and basic and with enough power to be satisfied with in a medium size living room.
thanx for all your replys

I've never heard a Linn classic movie, so I can't comment. If you are going that route you could also check out the Arcam Solo and the Nad L73(I believe). There is also a Sony ES all-in-one that has a DVD/SACD/CD player built-in, plus 5.1 channels of Sony's S-Master Pro digital amplification built-in. Of these the price from lowest to highest would be Sony, NAD, Arcam, Linn.

If you want a truely high end, but simple system, something like the Linar model 10 5.1 channel analog integrated amp would be really cool. Add a quality DVD/Universal player that has analog outputs for all channels, and you are in business! You could use this for 2-channel listening and add additional speakers as your budget permits. The beauty of the Linar is that it does not waste any money on processing, sound fields, etc. It simply is an integrated amp with 5.1 channel inputs. Nothing inside to muck up your two channel music enjoyment.


Tannoy used to make a great speaker 5.1 set up. The sattelites and center are super small yet sound unreal, as they utilize a coaxial driver design (tweeter is stacked atop woofer). The sub is small as well, but potent, and utilizes both a driver and an opposing passive radiator. A Built in class d amp in the sub provides the power. I still have this set up (tannoy hts-101 xp) . I got rid of my larger box speakers long ago and have never looked back. In addition to the tannoys, I run the Sony str dn1080, and an oppo 203. I have an identical tannoy sub that I may someday add, as the Sony amp can run two subs.
I have built three home theaters in the last 10 years. This last one is roughly 15 x 20' and it is the smallest one I have built. After a long period of time I decided to go with a 5.2.2 system. I had Eric from Texton build me a custom made in wall double impact speakers for the right center and left onto atmos speakers for the rear ceiling. He then surprised me with two humongous subwoofers. I have 130 inch screen with a Sony 695 projector. My amp is an Integra drx 11 channel.  There is no DVD involved as we will be streaming everything from music to movies to sports.  
I just moved in and needless to say the room is acoustically perfect and sounds outstanding.  Because the speakers are in wall there is no clutter and I only have one amp that also saves space and still puts out enough power to drive the speakers extremely well. So even though you can get DDD players or 200 bucks, you might as well get a decent amp and speakers depending on your budget.