Looking for a new SS integrated amp for B&W 805S

Absolute price limit is $3,000. If I can spend quite a bit less then that and get similar results though, I would rather do that. I am willing to buy used.

Right now I am running them with a "cheap" 120W x 2 Cambridge Audio 840a.(v1) While the sound is quite good(despite the treble maybe being just a hair harsh), I can't help but think I need something better for these speakers. I have also heard the B&Ws generally do better with more power. Does anyone have any reccomendations?
I was quite pleased with my Ayre AX-7e on my B&W 804S speakers (don't let the numbers dissuade you, it has plenty of power). It is right around that price range I believe with standard dealer discount.
Ayre is good.Sold Krell and B&W a number of years ago including 805S.Most Krell could have metallic or "etched" mid but B&W is pretty forgiving and the 300i,S300 etc have that Krell grip on the bass that's great.150 watts is perfect power as well.Buy a used Krell.In any case 100 watts SS or near it or 60 wpc tube is needed (my friend uses a Cary Sli80 with great results with 805's and can switch from triode to pentode "on fly".If you don't need a sub out the Pathos Classic II or II hybrid at 70 wpc is enough power with tubes and SS if you like acoustic music and you volume roon needs aren't too great.
Musical Fidelity A308 integrated was my favorite with the 805S. 150 wpc. A little tough to find on the used market, but they do pop up. Usually about $1500 or so.
Has anyone heard anything about the new Musical Fidelity M6i?
Let me throw in McIntosh, which many like paired with B&W. I drive my 804S with a McIntosh MC275 tubed amp. There is an integrated McIntosh amp called 2275 which is essentially the same amplification section. While not solid state, try and give it a listen. My amp replaced a 200 Wpc SS amp. Tubes and B&W aluminum tweeters work well together. There are also SS McIntosh integrated amps too, who some prefer to tubes.

I hope it helps.
The Naim integrateds are simply fantastic with the 805s.
The best is obviously the Supernait which has the advantage of built in Dac which is quite good but the NaitXS is also great with those at a much lower price and
the ability to be upgrade with one of their power supplies.
Down the road it could alos be used as a preamp if you wanted to get into the 200 amplifier.
In addition to Naim (love the Nait XS) and Arye, I would look at Plinius or a used Classe. I actually think the 805 is not very forgiving, and will report absolutely everything it is sent - both good and bad. Something like a PrimaLuna Dialogue 2 may also work well.
I'd go tubes w/ the B&W 805S.
LUXMAN L-505U.You can buy it from Japan for 2650 dollars including shipping.In USA it cost almost 4000 dollars.The luxman is handmade without any chinese parts,with only custom made japanese parts.I had my luxman for 26 months.
Chazz said:

but B&W is pretty forgiving

Chazz I'm not saying "I'm right & you're wrong", however when I had my 805'S' I found this not to be the case. I tried a couple of amps and thought the best match was a Classe integrated (but that was 5K). At first I was pleased with it but found any long term listening was still too bright for me.

I didn't have room treatments which might have helped. I really wanted to like the 805s but ended up moving on. If I had it to do over I'd have tried tubes as I never listen real loud.

I'd like to hear the new 805D to see if it is more 'forgiving'.