Looking for a new preamp

Good afternoon,

It has been awhile since I've posted anything here, but I do have a preamp question.  I currently have an Aragon 28k mk2 pre along with an Aragon 8008 mk2 amp.  Both my source and amp are balanced but the 28k is not.  I think the Aragon pre is a nice, but I think I can do better.  I tried an ARC LS17SE pre a few years back, and although this is a nice piece, it didn't seem to work well with the 8008. I believe the impedance was a mismatch.  This was confirmed by ARC as well.  I would like to try this again at 2 different price points.  One being the new Schitt Freya S at $599 and the BAT 23SE which is on sale at Music Direct for $3k, originally $5k.  My speakers are Dynaudio Excite 44 for now.  

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Can’t go wrong with BAT. An "SE" model is preferable (6H30 driver tubes). Is the remote control included?
Your right -no tubes in the VK-23SE. I can’t figure out why the "SE" designation. I think BAT used to make a VK-23 version (now not on their website). In the BAT solid state amps, the "SE" usually means extra capacitors for more grunt.
O.K., this explains it. The VK-23SE preamp has a transformer-coupled output stage. Thus the "SE" designation. Normally, the output stage incorporated capacitors (not claiming to know the technical reasons). Apparently, the transformer-coupling is superior to caps. Whatever it's doing, my VK-33SE sounds like a dream (also transformer-coupled)!