looking for a new pre/amp or integrated amp

I am new here, and this is my first post.  I am looking for either a pre/amp or integrated amp, specifically for listening to music.  Here is what I'd like the solution to have:
  • Ethernet jack (for connecting to my home computer to play music files of CD's I've ripped)
  • 2 channel (this is not going to be a surround sound setup)
  • Wifi (I'd like to play Spotify)
  • XLR inputs (for the CD/DVD/Blu ray player) - I'm not sure this is critical, as I think optical digital might be just as good.
  • 90-140Watts 
  • Phono input
  • Price range: $1000-2000
Does anyone have any suggestions?  I've looked at Yamaha, Anthem, Marantz, and Parasound, but I haven't found anything that checks all these boxes.  Thank you!  Doug
The requirement for a ethernet connection seems to me to be the tough box.

 Check out the Bluesound Node 2 ($500), which has ethernet will allow streaming music. Leaving rest of budget for a separate integrated amplifier with phonostage.   
Look at the integrated amps from Hegel, a used H160 or an H90 should check all your boxes. I have an H160 and it’s a great piece.
It doesn't look like the Hegel has a phono input, and I can't tell if it has Wi-Fi or not.  

It has DLNA capabilities via ethernet sorry no phono input, I had’nt noticed that in your post.
Like @mesch said, Bluesound Node2, or vault if you want to rip more cd's easily. And look for an Integrated the will check the rest of the boxes.
If you go used and can wait you'll get a lot more for your buck.
I ended up with a Primaluna dialogue premium and a Bluesound node 2 for $2,300 I know that gets above your budget and doesn't have a phono input, but sounds great.
For SS integrated, I'd look at Yamaha, and Marantz.
good luck
I'd seriously consider looking at an A/V Reciever.  The Onkyo 7.2 channel recievers have all the features you are looking for and give you bi-amping capability using the surround channels.  They have zone two capability as well.  
Onkyo TX-RZ610, Onkyo TX-RZ810 are on sale now as Onkyo is changing models.  I just picked up the RZ810 from Crutchfield yesterday.  I have not set it up yet, but I am using it the same way you are but also using the surround capability.  I'm using the front preout and an Onkyo M501 amplifier to bi'amp my front speakers.  I'm really interested in the Music Optimizer function on these amps which is said to enhance the sound quality of compressed music files and Bluetooth streams.

I think the Yamaha R-N803 could also meet your needs.
Add the Creek Evolution 100 A to your list.  It will check all of your marks (I think), nice sleek looks, oh, and it sounds darn good too.  

Why do you need Ethernet when you have WiFi?

Thanks guys for the suggestions.

Acram solo does not appear to have a phono input or XLR inputs.
Creek Evolution 100A does not have ethernet connection.
Naim Uniti Nova is way outside my price range I listed in the original post.
Cyrus Lyric has no XLR or phono.  Plus I'm not really looking for an all in one.

Right now in my home, I don't have a good way to connect the amp to the computer since the computer is upstairs and the amp/theater is in the basement and the basement is finished.  So I want wifi to stream music from the computer.  However, I expect to move at some point, and then I will plug the computer into the amp via ethernet for a better connection (a friend of mine told me that sending hi-res music files through wifi might not be perfect, depending on in house wifi data speeds, and the other
consumers of the bandwidth (like my kids on their devices).
Peachtree does not have XLR or Ethernet.  Did anyone read my requirements?

I have not seen any integrated amplifier that has an Ethernet input except for the Auralic Polaris which does not have XLR inputs and is outside your budget .  It is mostly streaming devices that use Ethernet.

 Once you move your computer closer to your system why not use the USB output from the computer to the amplifier. Any integrated with a built in DAC will have that option. The Parasound Halo integrated checks off all of your boxes that way,  but no Ethernet. They are regularly listed for less than $2K used. Good luck!
The only integrated amp that I am aware of that does everything you need is the Anthem str and it is way out of your budget.
A friend told me that to put the amp and computer on the same network through a wired connection, I should use ethernet.  Joey54....are you saying I can accomplish the same task with USB?
Yes, most DAC’s don’t have an Ethernet input anyway. Today USB is one of the most popular inputs for DAC’s when you want to play music stored on your computer. I believe the maximum distance supported by USB is 5M.

Ethernet is used to connect your network to a streaming device like my Aurender N100H. But most of these devices then need to connect to an external USB DAC. The Bluesound Vault mentioned earlier needs an Ethernet connection but also has a built in DAC. It does not have an amplifier built in though.
Why not just get a hard drive and connect it to your network via wifi and then usb to amp? Or get the hegel I mentioned which has ethernet and airplay and get a phono stage
parasound halo integrated. not sure about ethernet though
Bluesound Powernode2 has a 60 wpc amplifier built in and should most of the requirements except for the output wattage.
The USB (connectivity) is a much more versatile option.
Also, regarding the sound quality using Ethernet vs. WiFi, I suspect it will depend on the configuration of the home and relative distance between the router/modem and the end devices, but in my experience with Bluesound Node2 and in a two story 4000 square feet home, I could hear no difference between the hardwire and over the air.  A slow internet speed will affect both configurations. Needless to say, ymmv.
chrshanl37: I was hoping to just buy one box, but maybe it is not possible.
Unfortunately a one box solution may not exist within your budget.
As mentioned previously your best bet may be going with a home theatre receiver. Granted you won't need all the channels of amplification but they can meet your other requirements. Yamaha RXA3070 fits the bill on just about everything you're looking for: Ethernet, wifi, xlr input, 165 wpc, phono input, $1,999 new, though HT receiver prices tend to be dirt cheap on the used market. As mentioned in your description if you have a bluray/DVD player you have the option of connecting via hdmi. You can program the extra channels to bi-amp speakers or have multiple stereo zones if needed. I used a Yamaha rxa 3030 for stereo when I was inbetween integrated amp purchases for half a year and was really surprised at the sound quality.
I run Ubuntu Linux on a laptop old enough to have a Windows Vista sticker on it.  Every bit as good a media player as anything you can find on Audiogon costing many thousands of dollars.  I run it into a Peachtree DAC, which feeds a standard unbalanced line into an SP13 tube preamp from tubes4hifi.com.  The Peachtree has an optical feed I take from a CD player.  

There's nothing made with all the things you're asking for which will surpass my rig.  
Check out the naim unitiqute 1 or 2.  It looks like it ticks most (but not all) of your boxes.  It’s rated at 30 wpc but I wonder how you determined that 90-120 was the right number?  Also, not xlr but that seems optional based on your description above.  Does have phono.  Pretty close to what you were looking for?  Main downside I see is that they are discontinued for higher end versions that someone else mentioned above.  So, you would have to find a used one.  
In my opinion a $2000 investment into a 2 box solution, a server and an integrated amplifier, would prove to be a a better investment, both sonically and ecconomicaly, over the short and long term, than a AVR. With the latter one is paying for too many devices that will never be used, many imposing on the signal being amplified.
Hi mesch.  I'm curious into your idea.  Can you give me an idea what you are thinking relative to a server?
If you buy one of the Sonnare Ethernet-to-USB products, such as the SonicOrbiter or microRendu you sort of have Ethernet to your DAC. I have both products getting wired Ethernet to my DACs via USB. I also use a PowerLine adapter to extend my Ethernet to my bedroom.


My music is on my server in the laundry room. I also use ROON and Tidal for my music management and streaming subscription needs. These can be controlled by multitudes of mobile and desktop computing devices. This is the type of setup you are likely looking for. I am not going to recommend an integrated amp for you since now with this typology you can use any USB compatible DAC/integrated.

I have been doing digital audio since maybe 2002, starting with the original SqueezeBox and Benchmark DAC1, My current setup is the most advanced and useful configuration I have ever had.

I recently posted a new thread on the DAC section of A’Gon about the future DACs and Ethernet, you may want to read that since it relates to your Ethernet requirements.
Let me also add that the beauty of the Sonnare products is that a noisy computer does not matter. SInce the Ethernet-to-usb isolated that for you. The computer becomes a black box in the audio chain. I am currently listening to music from my server while the server is running 2 RDP sessions to a couple of cloud servers on Azure. Sound is flawless.
yyzsantabarbara: Can you post a link to the thread you referenced?  I'd like to read it.  Thanks, Doug
Doug, As I stated in my 1st post of 1/24, check out the Bluesound Node 2. I am considering a Bluesound products myself, likely the Vault 2. I want to rip CDs.

The cost of the Node 2 would leave ~$1500 of your budget for an 2 channel  integrated amplifier.
@dougmintThe Thread is really just a question I asked to pick the brains of the digital experts around here. No one has replied with any new info that I was seeking,


I am going to start investigating Ethernet capable DACs, So far I think the Briscati and the DirectStream with Bridge II are 2 well known DACs with Ethernet.
I am interested in watching Ayre's production for 2018.
Hopefully, we will see and hear a robust integrated amp!

Happy Listening!
Plus 1 on the Creek Evolution 100a. It has XLRs.  

I try to scoop one up used and then add a Bluesound Node2.  You could also use Spotify Gramofon, which is about $60.  
The problem is the combination of network and streaming capability and an amplifier with multiple digital and analogue inputs. I have one suggestion: a Yamaha AS 701 or AS 801 (= an AS 701 with added usb input). See here for a review of the earlier AS 700 without digital inputs but otherwise the same: http://i.nextmedia.com.au/avhub/australian-hifi_reviews_2011-05_to_12_2011-07_yamaha_as-700_amplifie...
It measures far better than many expensive audiophile amplifiers. I does not have xlr inputs but you can use a digital connection between your disc player and the amplifier. Add a Chromecast Audio (using its optical digital output) and you can stream Spotify, Tidal or TuneIn. Buy the optional ethernet connector for the Chromecast and you have a more stable wired connection with your router. Use Bubble UPnP to connect to your remote computer. See here: http://archimago.blogspot.nl/2016/02/measurements-google-chromecast-audio_27.html
Since streaming technologies are changing fast, there is a lot to be said for having that in a separate unit anyway.
My only concern would be the amplifier’s output power, of just over 100 watt per channel into 8 Ohm. That would not be enough to my taste in a larger room with less sensitive speakers. For more power, you are almost bound to need a separate power amplifier. Good pro audio amplifiers do not need to cost an arm and a leg, fortunately. See here for a 2x350 watt example and its excellent test results: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/amplificateurs-de-puissance-haute-fidelite/mesures-ampli-yamaha-p...

It has every thing you desire except the phono input and is within the budget