Looking for a new Dac?

Currently I have a Hegel HD25 Dac being fed with an Aural Symphonics Echelon coax cable from a Music Vault server. Previously I owned other Dacs including the PS Audio Direct Stream Dac but I found the Hegel to be more musical and less digital sounding. 

I’ve been reading some great reviews lately of R2R Dacs and wondering if these Dacs are more analog sounding than the Hegel or do they reduce some of the digital glare found in some recordings?

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Thanks for your response. I’ve read some reviews and forums and it seems the Holo Springs level 3 may be the way to go and is within my budget. Most of my files are ripped cds and some ripped dvds and 24/96 downloads. The HS also has 2 spdif inputs, one for the server and the other for my Oppo 105.