Looking for a new CD player.

I have a Plinius 8200 and i am looking to match it with a CD player. I have heard positive reviews about the NAD C542 and the Rotel RCD 1072.

Looking for advice or alternatives.
What's your budget like?
Naim CD5x
My budget is around $500.
Rotel 1072 is a very nice CDP in that pricerange; I don't think you can go wrong with it. Frankly, I liked it better than the Ayre CX-7e which is quite a bit more.
Marantz SA-8001 used.
I am happy with the Pioneer PD-D6-J player I bought after reading a review in a recent Playback magazine. It plays SACDs in addition to regular CDs (no HDCD though). I think it retails for $499 but you can find it online for less.