Looking for a new cartridge- Dynavector Karat 17D3 or Sumiko Blackbird

I just bought a new VPI Prime. I’m looking to make a splash with a new cartridge. I want a MC-Low output cart.

I listen to rock, blues, and some jazz. My budget would be under 1500.00 Would the above carts be a good choice? If not what would?

Thanks in advance.
I can speak for the Bird on my Classic.

As long as you’re CAREFUL, it a great cart in the $1K category.
There wasnt a low output version offered a few years back, so my experience was with the HO model. The low version may be nicer.

At least in my all tube system, I heard clean, detailed music with convincing bass,clear mids and highs, maybe once in awhile recording dependent-"hot" in the uppermost frequencies?

After crashing the stylus, sent it to SS for their best rebuild, which I thought was nicer than original.

The past 2 years the Audio Technica ART 9(also in your budget) has been on my table. Between the 2, the ART9 is a bit more convincing.
Check the extensive thread.

The only negative about the Bird’ is the exposed design. To most,no big deal. But if you’re a klutz as myself, it can mean a disaster.

Both carts will kill on your new Prime, assuming you have a phono stage up to the task.
Of the 2 carts you list, I think the DV is better. But if it was my system, I would buy a Shelter 501.
I’m really happy with my 17D3(wide/deep sound stage/ruler flat, wide freq response/excellent imaging, ambiance retrieval and tracking), but- be certain you have enough gain for a .3 mV/ch output. The Blackbird Lo outputs .7 mV/ch. Less required gain = less background noise. No listening experience with the Sumiko, so- no opinion. The DV has a slightly higher compliance and is lighter, which may make the Sumiko a better match for the VPI arm.
I have to say that I agree with sfall, the Shelter 501 is my all time favorite cartridge unless you are willing to spend the big bucks for a XYZ Universe or Dynavector DRT XV1s. I also have a Prime and had the Shelter 501, Dynavector 17D, a Lyra Dorian and a Dynavector 20 low output all at the same time, kept the Shelter 501. Also there is a guy, 2juki on EBay that sells the Shelters for a very good price, also check him out for a Shelter 901 series1 which is an end of the road cart for many. Good luck and enjoy your Prime.

Very pleased with my Ortofon Quintet Black S.
I'm planning on adding the Pass X15  phono preamp which has suitable gain for a low output MC cart. Matching a cart with a turntable/arm and a phono pre can be very confusing with all the different dynamics involved. Thanks for all the responses. I'm leaning towards the Sumiko LO Blackbird...but actually finding out their not as available as the HO Blackbirds. Any idea where their available? Although I'm still open to ideas.
@krelldog .......Unless their websites are wrong, the following vendors all sell the LO Blackbird: Music Direct, Audio Advisor, Needle Doctor.