Looking for a new band?

Well, I am. I recently discovered Starflyer 59. I was in a local record store browsing through the bins when I realized my legs were moving to the music, I asked the cashier who was playing? "Starflyer 59", he said. When I returned home, I order everything I could find on vinyl. Boy, I'm glad I did. After listening to this great band I thought that they somewhat reminded me of another band I was turned on to by a fellow A'gonner. Afgan Whigs. To me, there is a similarity here. Pay it forward.
MOG has a bunch of their stuff. I've never heard of them before. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll load a few into my MOG queue and have a listen.
If you all are looking for new bands try feedbands.com. I'm trying the service right now and so far the first 2 vinyl albums sent my way were pretty good. The vinyl the albums were pressed on were also very good quality.
Slaw - Thanks for posting. I will check out SF59 later this evening. I like the description I read of Jason Martin's influences.

Sorry no new band for you. The only thing I've got (and he ain't new, but new to me) is Solomon Burke.
Hey Slaw - likin' SF59...just played "I Drive A Lot". It reminded me of stuff by Ivy...check out "Edge of the Ocean". You can her/them on YouTube. Same sweet pop vibe. Maybe they will be new to you.
I agree about Feedbands. I am also a member and so far the (3) LPs that I have received are quite good.
Hey everyone. Last post I promise. Just an FYI.

Feedbands may be adding other types of music and instrumentals to those who are subscribing monthly. Check out this survey and fill it out. Make your opinions heard if you had gripes with them.


I still subscribe to Feedbands and am happy with the LPs even though some of them haven't been delivered timely.

I listened to a few songs online. Some of the music sounds the same in different songs, but I liked a few of their tracks. "She only knows" "Easy Street" The lead vocalist at times was grating on my nerves with his sound though. Also some of their songs sound like good ones to get high to if you're into that kind of stuff. Sorta of "trip out" music. Weed heads and such.. of what I heard, their music is better than their "vocalist."
Hi Foster_9

Glad you at least had an open mind to listen to the music. Most people wouldn't have bothered. I gave my feedback to feedbands about the other music they sampled on their survey. I do hope some of them make it to the monthly LP subscription service. I like to change it up every now and then.
Well it looks like Feedbands has started on the instrumental pressings now. I just got the March 2015 release and it is The Glimpses of the Tao by Cris Coleman Featuring Peter Levitov and Stephane Diaz.
I discovered Cyrilic Typewriter. I think they ran out of last copy they've made and ready either to re-issue albums or press new ones. The music is beyond incredible.
I have been in LOVE with a band I recently discovered called Palace.
The are bluesy, soulful, alt rock band. They have a new EP out called Chase The Light. It's just as fantastic as their debut EP called,Lost in the Night . Both albums can be found on Spotify. If anybody takes a listen , please share your thoughts. This is my favorite British band to come along since Alt. J . I think many of you guys will be enjoy their sound.