looking for a more efficient speaker.....

some thing with a higher then my current rated 86 alon IV.  something more easier to drive.  i love the way the sound but i have to drive them at 1-2 oclock to get the best sound and then you start to hear the strain.   let me know, i dont have big pockets so keep that in mind, plus i like floor standing types.


Similar type of design would be the GR Research NX-Otica Kit at a rated 93db.(Not really cheap). The Alon designer (which used to be Nola... same name only backwards) Worked on the Dahlquist DQ-20 and DQ-12. A sealed base box with a boxless midrange and tweeter.

If you like sound the sound of the Alon have you considered bi amping them? Or looking for a pair on Dahlquist DQ20i and bi-amping them. From my experience it’s hard to to listen to a box speaker after listening to the boxless design.

You're other choice would move to a horn speaker but they will have a completely different presentation


 a more efficient speaker is were i may have to go.

Just a thought:

Even though they are different from your Alon IV maybe try a pair of JBLs like the ones below:  Sensitivity 93dB @ 1watt 8 Ohm's 2 meters efficiency is 1.7%. If you can find an early pair (1981-1984) they have ALNICO midrange Compression drivers model #2421A. FWIW: I previously owned JBL 4430's, I currently own JBL 4435's. 




ditusa  i loved jbl back in the day,  the l or t100's were great. and i do remember the alinico magnets days 

rodge827 dont know right now but it will have to be used.  looking at sonus fabre, vienna acoustics, dali, aerial......