Looking for a monitor with great midrange

Hi everyone. I've decided to sell my tower speakers and make the move to a good quality monitor due to a move. I've been looking around for over a week now. I have to admit, the amount of speakers out there came as a surprise to me and I've been in this hobby for close to 35 yrs now. I've decided that the best way to weed them out is through the process of elimination considering what I enjoy the most. For example, the midrange, great imaging and soundstage. I thought that it would be helpful if some of you could drop a few names for me to look at during this process. Budget you say? 1k more or less. I've learned I don't need to spent thousands of dollars to get good sound. Thank you for your time and recommendations.  
If used is an option, Joseph Audio RM7 or various Proac or Reference 3a monitors all excel at what you’re looking for. There’s also a pair of Silverline SR17s available here now below your price range you should seriously look at, or their Minuet monitors if you’re looking new. You should post your electronics as well as that could help further focus recommendations. Also, what are your current tower speakers? Best of luck.

If you are looking for great midrange, it is hard to do better than ATC.

We have the SCM 11 good, and the SCM 19 better and the are fantastic. 

Huge sound stage, natural and uncolored midrange, good top end detail and great dynamics. 

The ATC line is very balanced and musical, without being bright or rolled off. They like power however, we have driven them with as little as 40 watts

It will also come down to wether you prefer a more detailed sound Focal, KEF, B&W, Paradigm or the wamer more laid back sound, Harbeth, etc. 

If you like neutral to a little warm try to listen to Dali, or the ATC.

Dave and Troy
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In your price range, take a look into the Compact Alnico Monitor from Omega. I have the Super Alnico Monitor and am continually amazed at the midrange and imaging.  Preferred this over Harbeth M30.1, the KEF50, and others.   The Compact uses the same driver but in a smaller cabinet
The OP has a 1K budget. Why are you recommending ATC and the others?
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My current speakers are Legacy Classic, with Primaluna Prologue Premium power amp. For pre amp I'm using the Aric Audio Unlimited. Sources are an Onkyo CD-7030, a modified Sherwood S-3000 tuner and a modified Yamaha YP-211 turntable. Cables vary as I have a large collection of cables both in silver and copper. I listen to Jazz mostly but tune in to contemporary radio stations on a regular basis. 
Your Primaluna amp and Aric Audio Unlimited pre (I own one too) are quite midrange heavy to begin with. Depending on the types of music you listen, a midrange heavy speaker could make the overall tone too unbalanced. If it were me, I'd look for something that is generally balanced. My personal favorite is Dynaudio X14 and it should fit in your budget if you can find one used. Good luck.
KEF LS 50 used would be a good choice
Accessories4less has them (factory refurb) for $999/pair including free shipping and a 5-year factory warranty.
Well, after a trip to Montreal and auditioning a pair of speaker I thought I'll like I realized I wasn't going to get much on trade in for my Classic. It just happen that the local Craigslist had a pair of Platinum Audio Solo for sale. I offered my Classic in trade and he accepted. The Solos are as good as the reviews describe them. I'm very happy with my new speakers.