Looking for a monitor that likes walls

I have a small 11x13 listening area and am looking to move up from a pair of Polk RT25i. My system is a 50W tube integrated amp and I enjoy jazz, classical, light rock. I have been reading a good deal about Proacs and the Epos ES14's. Any comments on how these choices fare in limited space close to a wall? Any recommendations for alternatives?
You might want to consider the Aerial 5; they are similar in sound to the EPOS but more refined, more air. They are not ported so they work relatively well by a wall. I used to have the EPOS ES-11 and then the Aerial 5, also near a back wall.
the newer Meadowlarks are front ported, and wall freindly.
linn, rega, and naim speakers are all meant to be placed close to walls. you can tune the speakers to the room a bit by moving them in small increments towards/away from the wall.
The Proacs usually sound best away from the wall. Another British speaker that is good near the wall is the Mission, although not as good as some of the higher priced that Lazarus suggests.
Merlin TSMs are another nice option, but not sure how well they'll do near a wall. Contact Merlin, and Bobby will surely clarify.

Cheers, Spencer
Any rear ported speaker is unlikely to work close to a rear wall. I think that rules out Epos and Proac. Spendor S3/5s sound good close to the wall, but they have quite limited bass. Linn tukans have a good reputation close to the wall but I have no direct experience with them. Missions are also good, but probably not a sufficient step up.

In my experience putting a speaker very close to the rear wall destroys the soundstage (imaging), so it's not worth spending lots of money on a speaker renowned for imaging only to put it close to the wall.

Another option might be to look at a sub / satellite combo, perhaps the acoustic energy evo (I think thats the name), or separately by purchasing a mini-monitor like the S3/5 (or any LS3/5 for that matter) and adding a REL strata or similar subwoofer later. Having used S3/5s with a REL strata the results are very very good, but this would take you to at least $1500 which may be more than you're willing to spend.
Although it defied conventional wisdom, the rear-ported Platinum Audio Solo's about 18 inches out from the wall sounded well balanced in my listening room. They run about $600 used on Audiogon, more when the custom matching stands are included. This is the monitor speaker which does not require a sub-woofer, bringing a quality of bass reproduction not otherwise available in this size, and price range. I just saw this speaker for sale here on Audiogon.
Soliloquy Sat-5. No port, designed to be placed on a wall or bookshelf, same tweeter as larger models, very nicely balanced woofer. You really need a nice little sub with these, but they sound great! Check out underwoodhifi for nice deals-that's where I got mine.
Ill go for Totem model one, I heard them near the wall,
the bass got better for my taste.
Great advice so far. I like the idea of eliminating the port (either going port-less or plugging it) and adding a sub. I will look into this option further. Thanks.
i love my polk rt25i> great speaker for very little money. you might look at the paradigm studio 20v.3. they sound awesome and are front ported.
I love my Polks too. I will use them in another room for sure. I heard a set of paradigm floor standers a while back and almost bought them until my budged intervened. I am curious about the recent posts on the GMA Europas, particularly a post that compared them to the Epos. I think they're front ported too. Any opinions on these besides the need for serious weight training to lift them?