Looking for a Marantz repair shop in the Philadelphia area?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a repair shop for a Marantz NA11S1 in the Philadelphia area.   The Marantz web site directs me to a Trenton repair shop which is no longer in business and also directs me to a Delaware shop which did not impress me over the phone.  

Please share your Philly repair shop experiences.

It's Bob Backert from Backert Labs. He can pretty much fix anything. He's in Churchville. Cheers,
Spencer, I was under the impression that Bob only wanted to work on tube amps/preamps.

Like the OP, I have a SA-11S1 in need of repair, probably a new drawer, and I can't really find a reliable place to service it either.
The ones listed on the Marantz website in the Philly area either are out of business, have really bad reviews, or won't respond to calls/emails.

Thanks, Spencer, for the reference but from bob's web site it does appear that he only deals with amps and preamps.  The site makes no mention of repairs of any type only upgrades and mods.

John thanks for the reply.  I was thinking that i was missing something when i could not find a reputable shop in philly area.   I will keep looking and will let you know if i locate someone who is reliable.   
Well, given lack of good alternatives it might be worth asking Bob. If he can't help you, he might have an idea of who could. 
You'd think Marantz would be able to suggest someone too. Pretty poor if they can't. Cheers,
Try http://www.questforsound.com 

25 mins north of the city in Bensalem.
Thanks  pduszak.  
I will contact them.  And it is not far away.


Thanks everyone for your responses.

Stephen at Quest For Sound referred me to:


They are an authorized Marantz repair.  The drag is the unitl need to be shipped.

John, check them out for your repair.   


Thanks mysearcher257.
I just shipped my SA-11S1 to United Radio today.
@mysearcher257 , any update on your end?

On my end, United Radio still has my CDP. At first they told me that they could not fix it because they could not get the parts. Then I called Marantz who said that they did have the parts. Then I spent another week or two trying to get United Radio to confirm whether or not it could be fixed.

They called last Friday, 11/11/16 and said that it could be fixed for $275 + return shipping. I gave them the green light. Then United Radio called me back again tonight to tell me that it can be fixed, and tried to charge me again. Once I told them I paid last Friday, they did acknowledge that it was received, but not entered correctly. I asked about a time frame, they could not answer that.

I have to say that I am a bit nervous. They are nice enough sounding people, but their competency level concerns me.
Alright, I received my modified Marantz SA-11S1 back from United Radio. New drawer seems to work perfect, and CDP sounds great!
Total was about $350 including shipping.

It would be nice to have a trustworthy repair center local to Phila, PA. However, it is just nice to have this classic older CDP repaired and running fine again.
Thanks! for sharing your story- jmcgrogan2-
Wow...finally my marantz NA-11S1 has been repaired and returned from United Radio.  The unit was shipped to United Radio on February 22 and returned yesterday May 15.  It took many many weeks to get the parts from Marantz. Once United Radio received the parts, they repaired it quickly.  

The crazy thing is the needed parts cost only $1.74.

I would recommend United Radio for Marantz repairs; they did an excellent job.  Good communications.  Good return shipping.  Far pricing.
That should have read:  "Fair pricing."
Congrats, and I agree with your review of United Radio.
They do good work for a fair price, speed is not their strength though.

As you can see from my posts, I sent my SA-11S1 in for repairs on 10-12-2016, and got it back on 12-28-2016, over two months.

Yes, they had to wait for the part from Marantz in my case too. I don't understand why it takes Marantz over a month to send them a part from NJ to NY though.
Do they have to order the part from Japan first?