Looking for a low gain solid state preamp with balanced in/out

Hello all,
I am thinking about setting up a second system and want to build it around a quality balanced capable solid state preamp with low gain. My first thought goes to the ARC LS9, are there other preamps of the same caliber and price range that I should be considering? My tastes in musical presentation lean toward layed back. My main system is an STI500 integrated. The second system will be for smaller 2 way speakers and lower powered amp. I have a 125 watt Cary class d amp I might use or might sell. Its all up in the air right now. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
I love my Ayre K1xe....
I am sure you are happy with the Ayre K1xe but its a touch more expensive than the LS9. I guess I could sell one of my kids cars :).
The AYRE K-1 and K-5 series preamps can be easily adjusted to any desired gain by the user.
ps audio stellar gain cell preamp?
Van Alstine puts a low gain setting option on all of his preamplifiers....and from what I’ve read, his preamps get good reviews and great customer feedback...you can call or email him for more info....and he will tweak further if you need him to do so....but I'm not completely sure he will modify to include balanced out since standard is RCA??
Here is a link:

Thank you, I did not know that Van Alstine had low gain setting ability, I have been impressed by AVA stuff in the past. 
Since you own an STI-500 why not an STP-SE?
I have never auditioned the w4s preamp, though it does seem to be in the orice range, lately I have been thinking about perhaps a Bryston bp20 or Bp25.
Thx for suggestion