Looking for a Little Help...

I need some input & advise, on a decent pair of audio connects. I own (Two)Carver A-500-X Amps, that I want to make into a mono-block set-up & become stereo. It's to run my two-channel analog/ vinyl L.P.'s. I'm familiar with most name brands: Cardas, Z-systems,Audio Quest, etc..

This wire needs to be able to pass "800" watts into 8 ohms.10 Guage wire is about as thick as I can handle through the binding post.

I'm powering an Oracle Delphi Mark V Turntable,a Carver CT26-V Tuner/Preamp & (2)Polk Audio Moniter 10's.

I could use a few price ranges. I know how this stuff can be pricey...

You’re looking for speaker cable, yes?

Don't be concerned about wattage in regards to speaker cable.

What I would do is look through the ads and pick out a price you're comfortable with & then research it. Lots of info available in the archives here & at AA.

Also just do a basic search on cables. You can educate yourself & narrow down what you're looking for.

If I were pressed for a rec, I would say copper using a few thicker gauge (~18) wires instead of stranded wire. Just my preference.
FWIW, in addition to the suggestions above,I would suggest that you explore some very good quality and inexpensive speaker cable and then you have, at least, estblished a benchmark for auditioning better/more expensive stuff later on.

Lacking knowledge about your amp or speakers and any special needs you might have, cable wise, I would suggest something that many users on this forum have tried and liked, Canary Star Quad (I think I've got that right). I think its constructed out of 4 14 guage twisted copper wires with a total guage of 12. You probably won't dislike this cable in your system and in fact you might like it well enuf to stop searching for some time to come. I've use it in a 2d system and am quite pleased with the price/performance ratio.
Search for Wegryzn on the 'gon. I am using his Copper slams with great results and he's quite knowledgable (and reasonably priced).

Good luck,
I would second Newbee's recommendation of the Canare StarQuad 4s11. Do a search on it here and you'll find a number of discussions.

You can find it at Markertek for $69 cents a foot but there are a number of other sources for it online, as well. If you go to Markertek's home page, type '4s11' into the search box and it should come up (their site is so vast and their search engine is so lousy you might not ever find it, otherwise.)

The 4s11 contains four individual 14 gauge wires and if you're going to use it for single wiring rather than bi-wire you combine the two whites for negative and the two reds for positive, giving you the equivalent of 11 gauge wire.

If you don't need anything that big, there's also 4s8 and 4s6 that are small, and cheaper.