Looking for a klipsch heritage headphone amp

This is my first time posting, but I have down a lot of reading in the forums.  Thanks for all the great info...I am starting my journey into understanding all things hi-fi.  I would like to find a klipsch heritage headphone amplifier. Does anyone have a lead on where I could find one?
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I talked to Klipsch customer service yesterday.  They are completely out of stock of the headphones and the amplifier.  They are also not in production at this time.  He said they want to bring it back sue to its high popularity, but with the COVID situation as it is, they do not have a date for when that will be.  I will just have to continue searching for a used one.  Thanks.
I believe the Klipsch amp is their version of the Fostex  amp/dac , the HP3 are also a joint venture between CM Foster (Fostex) and Klipsch.

Its a shame they have discontinued each, I have the HP3 and they are great phones.