Looking for a integrated DAC/AMP to power my Elac UF5's < $1500

I'm looking for some suggestions on a integrated DAC/AMP to power my Elac UniFi UF5's.
I listen to music of all genres, and my listening habit is usually on the nice 60-75 spl, but occasionally I like to "party" up to 85+spl.
My room is ~ 18x24 with vaulted ceilings and a listening distance of 9ft from the speakers.

My content is exclusively digital and will be fed to the DAC/AMP from the optical out of a Bluesound Node2 (not i).

I have been looking around but it seems that for every integrated amp I find, there is someone complaining about their sound quality and say "you can do a lot better for the money" but many don't go further and provide alternatives, where when there are, they may not seem suitable to the 4OHM/85dB efficiency of the UniFi's.

Greatly appreciate suggestions.

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I prefer to own line level integrated amplifiers. Provides greater flexibility for source components and, as mentioned by soix, isolation from noise generated by digital components, as well as isolation for high gain, low voltage phonostages.