Looking for a integrated DAC/AMP to power my Elac UF5's < $1500

I'm looking for some suggestions on a integrated DAC/AMP to power my Elac UniFi UF5's.
I listen to music of all genres, and my listening habit is usually on the nice 60-75 spl, but occasionally I like to "party" up to 85+spl.
My room is ~ 18x24 with vaulted ceilings and a listening distance of 9ft from the speakers.

My content is exclusively digital and will be fed to the DAC/AMP from the optical out of a Bluesound Node2 (not i).

I have been looking around but it seems that for every integrated amp I find, there is someone complaining about their sound quality and say "you can do a lot better for the money" but many don't go further and provide alternatives, where when there are, they may not seem suitable to the 4OHM/85dB efficiency of the UniFi's.

Greatly appreciate suggestions.
Maybe a Nuprime IDA-8. At $1100 new, I don’t think you can do better for the money. They do turn up used from time to time.


P.S. For every product, someone will hate it. For every product, someone will love it So you won't find a unit that is entirely without negative comments. If possible, listen for yourself (trite advice, I know, but valid.)
Thanks. I will look into it.just for the record, here are some of the contents that I was looking at.

I started with getting an Emotiva PT-100+A300; heard that musicality and emotiva don't go well into the same sentence. :(

NAD C388 : avsforum seems to have a lot of unhappy customers, both with sound quality and reliability.

Hegel H80 : This one seems to be a beast, but I'm personally concerned about buying a 6 years old unit..

PeachTree Decco 125: Heard that it has a good DAC but the amp section is the weak link and leaves a lot to be desired.

I don't know if people are waayy to picky or there are only really not that many good options in my price range.
It seems that the ELAC's make everything worse due to low efficiency and 4 ohm, it greatly narrows down options available.

I haven’t heard the others. I do have a Nuprime, which you’re welcome to listen to if you’re near Portland, Oregon. You could even bring over your speakers.

Nuprime also offers the IDA-16 (for more money, of course), with 2x the power output.
Good luck!
Thank you for the offer. Unfortunately I am in California.
I will keep an eye for some offers on either the Nuprime IDA8 or the Hegel. From what I been reading both are fine products
There is a Peachtree Nova 300 for $1250 on Agon now. It should drive your speakers. 
Not sure if you want a DAC/Amp combo for space or what, but it somewhat limits your choices in your price range especially if you’re in need of some robust power.  If you can deal with a separate integrated amp and DAC you could pick up a new Rogue Sphinx V2 for $1100 from Acoustic Sounds and a used Schiit Bifrost Multibit for around $300 - $400 and have a very nice sounding and powerful system.  The Sphinx puts out 100Wpc and doubles to 200Wpc into 4Ohms, and you have the flexibility to swap the tubes in the preamp section to further customize the sound if desired.  Best of luck. 
I have a Peachtree nova300 and nova500 for sale.    You can find my nova500 advertise here.   PM if interest.     I just finish testing nova500 on Elac Carina comparing to revel M6   The Elac  was awesome.   
@soix I thought I saw the other way around, that I possibly could get a better value for the money going with integrated. Another reason to that is that I have also been reading about mismatch between amps, dacs and pre amps that I assumed that if I buy an integrated, I wouldn't have two components exacerbating certain frequencies and making the sound too harsh. not sure if makes sense :)

@antman I looked at the nova 300's around, the 500 is way too much for my needs. The Carina might be in a different league then the UniFi's. But I'm already considering replacing the UniFi's with some Focal Aria; There is a pair of 926 listed on craigslist for $1500 for the pair.
I have also been reading about mismatch between amps, dacs and pre amps that I assumed that if I buy an integrated, I wouldn’t have two components exacerbating certain frequencies and making the sound too harsh. not sure if makes sense :)

It makes some sense, but only if the DAC/Amp combo itself elicits overall sound that’s pleasing to you, which may or may not be the case. Toward that end, it would help immensely if you could describe in more detail what sound characteristics of a system are most important to you as well as what characteristics you’d like to avoid. You’ll get much better and more meaningful recommendations here, combo or otherwise, with that crucial info.

And yes, in general there can be some value advantages to buying integrated audio products, but as usual in audio there are trade offs. In this case, combining noisy digital components in the same box as the amplification components is less than optimal (although you do save a digital interconnect). Plus, as DAC technology progresses, which it is doing at a rapid pace, having a separate DAC makes some sense as it makes future upgrades much easier — trying to resell a DAC/Amp combo with an older DAC section will likely negatively impact its future value. Just some things to consider while making your decision.
I prefer to own line level integrated amplifiers. Provides greater flexibility for source components and, as mentioned by soix, isolation from noise generated by digital components, as well as isolation for high gain, low voltage phonostages. 
@asilvr .  If your budget permits around $2k , find a pair of Dynaudio Special 40.   It is that good.  IMO
@antman  that is not even a DAC/AMP. Stop trying to rat-hole my budget :)

I ended up getting a peachtree nova 150; 
Enjoy - let us know how it goes!  Looks cool with the direct iphone input as well!

What are you upgrading from?