looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range

I'm looking for a Integrated amp without DAC any suggestions ? 
Research, research, research is part and parcel of being an audiophile and let's face it, it's fun. For example, I went from seriously considering a SET from Decware and a Mytek Dac to drive a pair of Zu Audio Dirty Weekends, to actually purchasing a Hegel H90 w/ excellent on board DAC driving new Focal Electra 1008 BE's on sale for 1/2 price. Yes, there are many, many options in your price point, but imho, you will absolutely love the simplicity, transparency, versatility and POWER of a Hegel H390 driving any speaker you pair it with.  As far as tubes, have you looked at Rogers? 
REGA OSIRIS integrated amp ( pre-owned to fit in your budget ) 

This thing is a brick. It’s crafted from aluminum and has a very industrial look. It cranks out 160W into 8 ohms, increasing to 250W into 4 ohms.

Each channel has its own dedicated custom-made toroid transformer and the quad of Sanken 200W output transistors per channel means this behemoth has no problems driving any kind of load. Its rated to deliver the specified power at 0.05% THD+Noise.

Highly recommended for an audition wherever possible.


” ... Let me begin this review by telling you that, over the months they have been in my reference system, Rega’s Isis and Osiris have proven time and again that they are no mere wannabes. On the contrary, they’ve convinced me they are in every way the genuine articles, and are—believe it or not—legitimate contenders for crème de la crème honors in their price range...”


then take a look at the Gryphon Diablo.

Gryphon Diablo 300 best I had heard , But, you might have to sell your wife and kids off to buy one.

He doesn't need the 300, the 120 will do with the efficiency of those speakers at 94db, but nasty impedance loading of down to 1.8ohm in the bass. And he get a ESS Sabre dac thrown in with the Gryphon.

Cheers George
Primaluna. you need to listen at a brick and mortar store. They can be had used for less cost and fit your price range. I compared a primaluna EVO 100 the starter integrated with a Hegel H390 in a private listening room on $4,500 / pair paradigm speakers.  The Primaluna had better clarity, accuracy if instuments,  The Bass was clear and more defined. The Hegel sounded great too, just less of everything. The little giant killer tube amp is amazing. Primaluna top of the line integrated will impress you.