looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range

I'm looking for a Integrated amp without DAC any suggestions ? 
Raven has three under $6k, any one of which will be hard to beat elsewhere without spending a lot more than $6k.
Thanks for the info. I was looking at the Accupahse e480 but just cant justify the us mark up
A little difficult to recommend an amp without knowing what speakers you are using but here goes:

Belles Aria Signature $3495
Ayre EX-8 $5999
And a bit over your budget:
Aesthetix Mimas $7000

I own the Mimas and have listened extensively to the others in my home system.  They are some of the best integrated amps I have heard. If you are anywhere near NJ you can listen to all three as we'll as a few others at the Audio Connection in Verona.

Good Luck!

“I was looking at the Accupahse e480 but just cant justify the us mark up”

Completely a valid concern, buy used if you can cause in the end it’s the Accuphase superlative sound and built that will keep you smiling for years. I own the E-650, truly a end game integrated for me.
I totally agree with you. It’s just a shame that if you lived in Canada it would cost you about  $9,000 US but here in the states it’s $13 k ....
I bought the CODA CSiB last week and I love it. I paid $3.4K used and it is $6.5K new.

I am getting the Krell K-300i in a few days for another set of speakers. That is $7K MSRP without the DAC.

Be sure to post your thoughts on the comparison between the coda and krell in your best system even if one or either won’t stay there. 
If you can buy used, a Luxman 590axii is an amazing value and within your price range. A few months ago, I auditioned a lot of amps. My top picks were Luxman 590axii and Hegel 390. If you’re going with tubes, Raven Osprey or a used Audio Research vs75i (one on sale at Agon)
Linear Tube Audio


i concur with this though, but their top integrated with real mullard el34’s is $8250

it is absolutely superb though

but for 6 grand i would buy a big hegel and consider the onboard dac as a throw in... my understanding is it will outperform any solid state luxman unless you go low-watt class a only into a very high efficiency speaker, then they are on par

Yep, the big Hegels are just excellent. Look into a Pass Int 60, used hits close to your price point. 
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
Only one has asked the all important question, before anyone should be recommending anything.

Cheers George 
I have a CAYIN A-100t  tube integrated amplifier in outstanding condition.  KT-88 based. Built in biasing meter and adjustments on top chassis plate. Includes removable protective tube cover, and metal remote control.

Recently re-spec'd and serviced by a very qualified amp technician in Chicago.
Also purchased (8) New matched MULLARD KT88's from UPSCALE AUDIO. 
Amplifier is in 8/9 physical and functional condition. Performs as new.
Don't have pix at the moment but can provide to an interested buyer.
I am rating it 8/9 only due to age. Amp is impressive looking.

Original purchase price = $4K + . Asking $1250.00. I will split shipping cost which may be in the area of $80 - $100. The weight of the unit is approximately 90#. Would like to sell to someone in the Chicago Area. I have no idea where you are located. I have most of the original double cartoning in very good condition. Will package all tubes separately. If you want it insured the cost would be yours to pay.

Because of my age; - - - moving to retirement community. Have no rome for this equipment any longer. lance.c.laws@gmail.com

Maybe this will fill your bill and not break the bank.

What sound characteristics are most important to you, are you open to tubes, and as others have asked, what speakers are you using?  You’ll get much better and more useful recommendations here just providing this basic info. 
Raven or Luxman depending on your power needs. Luxman makes a variety of integrated amps at various wattage output.
Possibly of interest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlBDj3Bw2sU&ab_channel=ZeroFidelity

Comparison of:

Yamaha AS1200: 90w (8 ohms) Single Ended Circuit. $2,800 150w (4 ohms)

 Luxman L550 AXII: 20w (8 ohms)*** Balanced Circuit. $5,500 40w (4 ohms)***

 Accuphase E480: 180w (8 ohms) Balanced Circuit. $13,000 260w (4 ohms)
Another tube option to maybe consider -  Line Magnetic , several integrated models that would work with the Legacy speakers - 314IA (EL34) , 881IA (KT88), 845IA (845), 150IA (KT150), 805IA (805). I have the 518IA which is now called the 845IA, very good sounding and well built , swap in some NOS tubes.
Isn't there a simple internal wiring change-over that you can do to convert other voltage Accuphase units to US standard?
Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) is superb in every way but just does not get enough mention around here on Audiogon.  They just recently released the latest generation integrated amp, tube driven, that is an outstanding unit.

Check it out... hope this helps you in your quest.

VK-80i Integrated Amplifier — Balanced Audio Technology
iconicaudio OP9 posts01-18-2021 9:45pmI’m using the Legacy Focus and a pair of Magnapan smg-a on occasion.
For your mains, if your using these 94db efficient Legacy Focus your going to need a good strong (current) solid state amp of around 50->100w to deal with the low impedance "well". these speakers drop to 1.8ohm in the bass. Forget tubes unless they have a 2ohm speaker output tap

However, a good, beefy solid-state amplifier will probably work better than a tube design.
For just $3k I suggest a John Curl designed 160w Parasound Halo Hint or later Hint6, it’s got everything even an ESS Sabre32 dac in it!!!

Or better a Gryphon Diablo 120 or 300 now your spending for even bigger quality.

Then there's Class-D, the new Technics SU-R1000 soon to be released this month looks like it could be real good.

Cheers George
The Gryphon Diablo looks interesting. Hegel H 390 could be more readily available and the $6000 price point might get the job done for me. A brand of interest to me is the modwright KWI 225. Has anyone had any experience with this product?  
I’m grateful for all of the input from everyone out here !
If there is such a price difference between Canada and U.S.A., is there a way you can buy it in Canada? I think the voltage and plugs should be the same, but check anyway.
The Gryphon Diablo looks interesting.
I also think they have an ESS Sabre32 dac input board option if needed.

Cheers George
@georgehifi two of those listing were the same guy in Texas.

@glupson Canadian power grid is the same as the US.

The Gryphon Diablo looks interesting. Hegel H 390 could be more readily available and the $6000 price point might get the job done for me. A brand of interest to me is the modwright KWI 225. Has anyone had any experience with this product?

a hegel h390 can be had for under 5 grand, a bit less used, the top model h590 is around 6500 used

with legacy focus as speakers the h390 would have more than enough power and should do great with the controlling the multiple bass/mid drivers

i have not had dan wright's kwi range of gear, i have had his tube preamp and a couple cd players, and know his target voicing for his gear ... my guess would be that since his kwi integrated is a hybrid unit with a tube pre stage, it may have a bit more imaging magic than the hegel, but the hegel will have better bass... the top hegels are VERY refined sounding yet gutsy in the bass, zero harshness, black black background - modwright kwi may have a touch more midrange magic/bloom but higher noise floor
Won’t find a Gryphon for that kind of money, unless you get really lucky and it will be an older unit. If you can, try the Hegel H390. With a damping factor of 4K it will handle your speakers just fine. It’s actually quite small for what it puts out, dual mono configuration, runs reasonably cool, so can be used in tighter quarters, and it just sounds really good. I only sold mine to go to back to separates.
For sure check out the excellent  Coda integrated amp.
these guys have been around a long time worked with          Nelson Pass, Stereo times  best of 2020, very natural and powerful.
great choices above. The Maggie’s need power. The Ayre Ax7 is light on power. Ideal would be the big brother but it’s $13000. The Hegel 390 is a great choice and it has a good DAC. The Maggie’s are the issue. So my recommendation is get the sound signature you like and buy a separate cheep amp for the Maggie’s to fun off the integrated. I did this with a Sony N80ES as the amp for the Maggie 1.7. Hegel sounds great with Maggie’s and Legacy speakers and the 390 has enough power for both. My local store can ship. https://holmaudio.com/hegel-music-systems/
I honestly believe it would be difficult to do better than the Coda CSi balanced. I haven't heard any of the current Luxman models.