Looking for a hybrid integrated to do it all!

Hi everyone, I'm sure this request will draw some ire from the "separates only" crowd but here goes! I'm looking to transition my separate preamp/DAC/amp stack to a more minimalist setup fairly soon but have had some trouble turning up possible components. Here are my rough requirements:

  • Needs to be a hybrid tube/SS design as I like the tube sound too much to let go
  • Needs to have a high quality integrated DAC
  • Should be well built and competently designed with good components
  • Has to output a decent amount of current (around 100wpc @ 4 ohms)
  • This is subjective but it needs to be aesthetically pleasing
  • Bonus points if it has a high quality integrated phono stage (not a must since I'm willing to go separate on this)
  • Bonus points if it has a remote
Pretty much the only option I've found so far that checks all the boxes is the Heaven11 Billie. If anyone has any suggestions of other products to look into that are like this, definitely let me know! For what its worth, I will be using this with a pair of Dynaudio Contour 20s and my budget is no more than $2500 (but I would consider used gear as well). Thanks!
Peachtree has always been on my radar but how do they typically sound?

Peachtree uses Class D amplification, and has a pretty neutral sound signature.  If there's any defining characteristic to it, it's just a little rolled off in the highs.  There's plenty of detail there, but perhaps not quite as sparkly as some amps.  I found that speaker pairing was pretty important.  It sounded a little "dry" and "boring" with some speakers.  I have it paired with Focal 1008 BE speakers now and it's very dynamic, detailed, and easy to listen to.  I'm not familiar with your speakers and can't guess as to whether that would be a good pairing.  Peachtree has a 30 day return policy.  You'd only be out the shipping costs if you buy one and don't like it.

Rumor has it Bob Carver is teaming up with another well know but younger audio  electronic wizard to build a high powered tube or hybrid  integrated amp with DAC.
While I was in San Diego, I went to Deja Vu audio and heard an Italian made 150 wpc  Synthesis Audio tube integrated with built in DAC on a pair of Anniversary  Harbeths that did me right but its $$$.  For your price range the Chinese made Jungson  80 wpc class "A" J-88 (09)) (google for reviews) or better still  the JA-120  integrateds are great and there is also a killer tube version that was also marketed by Grant Fidelity called the RITA  but they don't have the built in DAC  they will drive your Dynaudio's  very well  as I have the JA-88 (09) running Paragon Acoustic Regent's  ( Dynaudio drivers in an MTM configuration in a 145 lb cabinet) Also Shenya, who makes Vincent.
just saw the the Synthesis Roma was mentioned  above I heard that one  also   it was very good but the more powerful Synthesis Titan was amazing and $$$