Looking for a high-quality 2-way speaker

Has anyone ever compared: Rockport Alya, YG Acoustics Carmel, Magico S1 / Q 1 and Raidho C 1.1 / D 1 ?

Trying to help a friend building a "small scale" but very high quality and resolving system. Gear in use is Ayre AX-5 + Ayre DX-5. Everything wired with Cardas Clear.

Thanks for any useful help.
I would add TAD CR1 to the list if it's in his price range. I heard the Q1 - excellent speaker that disappears well and has spectacular imaging on audiophile material. However listening to some non audiophile cuts, the sound was less than stellar. Then hearing these same cuts on the CR1 (which is actually a 3 Way) suddenly had much more inner detail and sounded like audiophile material. I heard the Raiho's at the NY Show. So much air and mid/top detail, but without nearly the the body and mid bass punch of the TAD's. Could he spring for the 2.5 way Raidho C2.1? That's a speaker I could live with (still dont think it has the fullness and punch of the TAD, but has more air) I have heard the Carmel, which is very good, but I don't think it's in the same league (look at the tweeter it uses). But hearing the larger YG's with the battery operated Veloce gear was amazing.
Hi Emailists. I need a floorstander (so the Raidho 2.1 is not an option) as I have already got Lumen White monitors in my larger listening room. For my second system I need excellent smaller speakers that match my Ayre gear.

Do you remember which electronics and cabelling was used at the demos at NY you have attended ? Do you remember on how big the show rooms were ? (my smaller room is only 4x5,5 meters).

Which Raidho did you listen to C 1.1 or D 1 ?
You've got some great speakers listed. At the recent NY Audio show I got to hear the Carmels back-to-back with the Joseph Audio Perspectives -- different rooms a couple doors apart -- playing the same track (St. James Infirmary). From the mids on up they both sounded very good and more alike than different, but the Carmels were less linear and a little boomier in the bass (not uncommon under show conditions) despite being in a much larger room. The Perspectives were in a very small room and still sounded very balanced and detailed across the board, and they're wired internally with Cardas wire so that may mate well with your current cables. I think the fact that they worked very well in a small room may be a plus for you as well. Quite frankly with a small room I'd go for the Pulsars that will have similar sound characteristics and save you several thousand dollars, but you say you need a floorstander.

The Alya lists for almost $30k and is over $10k more expensive than any of the others you listed. I think the Mira 2 would be the more appropriate model to look at considering price (altough they're 3-ways with side-firing woofers I believe), but I've never heard it or the Alya. Not sure the Mira 2 uses Rockport's latest thinking in technology, components, and design though. Probably still a great-sounding speaker though (I've only heard the Altairs).

Heard the C1.1s and they sounded very good as well, although despite being in a relatively large room were still a little boomy with some material. Probably a setup and/or room issue, but something to consider since your room is small. Obviously these are not floorstanders if that's what you're looking for.

Didn't have Magicos at the show and I've only heard the Q7s, but I'd think the S1 would be well worth an audition as I think they're a sealed-box design that might work well in smaller rooms. The Q1 is a monitor so not really what you're looking for right?

Obviously take all the show-related thoughts with the usual caveats -- just throwing them out there as something to think about. Best of luck.
I heard the Carmels in two different rooms at the Newport Beach Show and loved their natural sound, but only heard the larger Magicos (Q3 and S5) and neither of the others on your list. I really liked two other two-ways at the show, and they were quite inexpensive. One was the Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne (I bought a pair) and one of the FritzSpeakers. Sorry to have not directly answered your question directly but IMO you don't have to spend big bucks if you are looking for a good 2-way speaker. I am a big fan of 2-ways and now even full-range drivers since I am in a small room.
First read all the professional reviews ,for Magico mini,Tad junior
YgAcoustics Carmel . rockport Mira-2 is a 3 way ,and is not as clear and open as the above speakers,you need to look at their new $30 k speaker to be in that league ,but that too Is a 3 way. Radho is a very good $20k speaker also.
Being in Audio for over 35 years spend a weekend or two just reading all available material ,then venture out to a show if possible ,and stores.
2 ways: Quested v2108, Genelec 8250, Event Opal.

3 ways: Quested v 3110, Adam S3X-V, Neumann KH 310

Any of these will blow away everything suggested in this thread.
Even though they are difficult to find at shows and are not a well known brand try to check out the Intuitive Designs Gammas. I finally have the right amp for them and they certainly perform at the level you are looking for. They retail around $12k.
One thing that the Carmel's are not is Boomy, something else in the electronics chain Had to be created the problem.read any reviews on them ,even against Any $30k loudspeaker they shine as far as continuous ness ,imaging , Sound staging,as well as depth and the a Bass is crisp fast and detailed To a solid 35 hz. If you want the extra slam of the last octave buy a high quality sub then you will have a loudspeaker that lacks nothing
A true reference. But be warned they will let you know of any changes you make Good or bad in your system.
I personally haven't compared them, but know someone who has.

The Rockport's were the winner - highly musical and realistic - the Magico was dry, analytical and brittle - and the YG was similarly analytical. The Raidho was was better, but still didn't have the realism and musicality of the Rockports.

Like another poster mentioned I would, in the price range of the speakers you are looking at, consider the Rockport Mira and arrange an immediate audition.

However if you wanted to take a bit of a punt to save a heap of money, the same person that has heard all those speakers (he is a real high end nut who goes to all the shows all the time and has heard everything under the sun - he got the Rockport's himself) was very impressed with my speakers - the ML2 Limited made by a guy down the road from where I live - Mike Lenehan at Lenehan Audio.

Made from MD3, lined internally with 1/4 inch copper, uses 10 gauge hand wound inductors, and Duelund Cast capacitors.

He judges them to be the equal of any speaker has heard - but at a lot less - about $15K. The problem is the chances of you being able to hear them is zero unless you live in Australia - which is why it will be a big punt.

Take a look at Audiomachina and The interview and Pearls is an interesting read.
Here is one quote from the interview:
" I guess if you are going to abandon first order, then, in a sense, it doesn't matter what you do. Everything is downhill from there. I think if I didn't have a choice to use first order, I would go straight to the fourth order, just because it gets you the benefits of the high order filters with the minimum number of driver drawbacks. But anybody who is using 12dB, for example—and you see this all of the time—there is a three way system and they are running 12dB per octave crossovers, and the midrange is wired in inverse phase. It is out of phase to the woofer and to the tweeter. It boggles the mind that people will put up with that as a transducer. If you feed a square wave into that, what comes out is going to look nothing at all like what went in."