Looking for a high end integrated to suit Dynaudio contour 5.4's

Hi All

I am looking to move to an integrated amp to drive my Contours.  Dyns look to respond well to amps that are high current as I have had a Griffen Diablo connected into my system and there was a massive difference in the performance of my Dyns.  While I would love a Griffen its pricey so I am looking for an alternative.  At this stage I have been considering a Pass Labs INT-250, Audia Flight FLS-10, Vitus R-101 and Griffen Diablo 300.

Does anyone out there have any of these speaker/amplifier combinations or other suggestions around amplification for the Contours?

I have heard the Vitus RI-100 with the Dynaudio 5.4's and it was a wonderful pairing. Great integrated, lots of power and controlled the Dynaudio's well. I have not heard the others or the newer RI-101.