Looking for a great value integrated

I'm looking to buy an integrated amp to go into one of my two setups. I haven't found much in the way of direct comparisons among the best solid-state integrateds in this range, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. As of now, my setups are:
1)Totem Rainmakers + Moon 100d + NAD C375BEE (more musical)
2)B&W CM7 + V-DAC/V-Link + Rotel RSX-1056 (more for tv)

I'd like to replace the Rotel in the second system with a better integrated amp, however, I'm not sure if I will use the new integrated with the CM7's or move my NAD to that system and use the new amp with my Totems. The price range I'm looking at is under 1k used (preferably lower but I'm flexible). I also would prefer something that is readily available and can be found easily on Agon. So, I'd like to know two things really--what integrated would make for a great upgrade over my NAD if I choose to place it in my Totem system (in which case I'd be willing to spend more $ because I care more about my musical system), OR, if I just decide to replace my Rotel, what would be a great value integrated for less money to go with the CM7s (ideally closer to the $700 range used)?

I've heard lots of things about offerings from Rega, Arcam, Creek, NAD, etc, but I need some direction to choose one over the others. Thanks for your help.
The Bada DC-225 (I think) from Pacific Valve is excellent. I had the previous version while I was waiting for a very expensive amplifier and the Bada just knocked me out for the price. The older version was like $700, but the new one is supposedly upgraded and the cost is up to $999. 30 days money back. Full remote, including input switching. BTW, I recommended one to Fritz from Fritzspeakers, and he thought it was great as well.
I think you'd have to spend a bit more to upgrade the NAD - next steps up would be the NAD M3, Naim XS, Primare I32.

To upgrade the Rotel, I would recommend the Exposure 2010S2 or indeed the Rotel RA-1520.

All these sound very different so it would be best to demo or take on trial.
I have had very good results from a Dussun V6i, 150 watt integrated that was sold by Mark Levinson under the Red Rose name for over $6000. Under the Dussun name you could pick one up used for less than $1000. they also make a V8i which is 250watt.
I've had NAD, and ARCAM in my B-system and strangely, with TOTEM speakers (ARROs and Forests) [NAD C370 & ARCAM FMJ A32 & ARCAM ALPHA 2]

The ARCAMs are gone along with the TOTEM speakers since I upgraded to a REGA ISIS valve cdp/ REGA OSIRIS amp / REGA R9 speaker kit

I've auditioned the BRIO as a replacement for the NAD system to go with REGA R1 bookshelves. Is it worth it ... a qualified yes. It suits my listening tastes but I haven't done it for immediate cash reasons cuz I redid the A system


(1) TOTEMs are power hungry and perform best with a lot of grunt (hi-current and wattage). THE FORESTS did not come alive until they were biamped with a second ARCAM FMJ P35 power amp.

(2) IMO TOTEMS (including both the ARROs and FORESTS) performed SIGNIFICANTLY better with ARCAM than NAD

(3) Test drove the REGA BRIO (prior version).... incredible amp for the money with a memorable musicality that is hard to define without personally experiencing it. Performs way above its price point.

(4) I ran the ARCAM ALPHA 2 (initially) & then ran the ARCAM FMJ A-32 amp with the bookshelf REGA R1 speakers with startling results ... clarity, transparency, detail.

5) Currently running the R1s in an all NAD system ...completely different sound. Still acquits itself well but kit satisfaction may depend on your music tastes to an appreciable degree.
- if jazz, classical and easy listening is your music genre ... ARCAM or REGA hands-down.
- If you are into rock with bass boom then the NAD will likely suit you better

6) Have you test driven the Sim Audio Moon i-3 Amplifier (~ $1K used on Audiogon)?
SIM AUDIO are voiced with TOTEMS and vice-versa (both in Montreal) and SIM will give you the best of both IMO - refinement and grunt for the money.

I think you can change the sound from the NAD for that price but options that are clearly better with those speakers may be few.

I'd look at a Class D Icepower integrated like Bel Canto S300 which comes up for sale periodically on A'gon and that is nimble and powerful enough to bring out the best from either Totem or B&W.
I would look into Rega's very inexpensive integrateds, or if you want to spend a little bit more, you can't do too much better than Naim in the solid state realm.
I've heard the Rainmakers with a few different integrateds that a dealer carried. One was from Simaudio (but I think it was the i5 or something like that, probably above your price range). Others were a DK integrated, Music Hall Mambo, and a Jolida 302b. He also had it with Marsh separates (probably available used for under $1K for BOTH amp and preamp).

My favorite combination was the Jolida 302b with the Rainmakers, with the Simaudio in 2nd place, and the rest a close 3rd. The Jolida is exciting and musical, the Mambo a little warm and subdued, the Sim articulate. As I recall, the Marsh and DK sounded very good, but just a half a notch below the rest in terms of the "intriguing factor".

Ultimately, though, as good as the Rainmakers sound for their price and sound, they are limited by their exaggerated mid-bass and lack of full bass extension. Ultimately to get to the next level you'll have to upgrade your speakers.

I think I may try to do some auditioning of the integrated amps you guys mentioned with my Rainmakers. But, what about if I just decide to focus on the B&W system--what would go well with the CM7's for a bit cheaper? Let me be clear, I don't like the Rotel sound very much, so I want to try to stay away from Rotel. I am currently finding the Rotel+CM7 combo to be a bit thin sounding, lacking mid-range. Some extra warmth would be nice too. Some have mentioned the Rega Brio--what about the Mira? The Rega's are very appealing to me at the price point, and from the things I hear people say about them. I like the small/simple package as well. Unfortunately, I won't be able to audition any Rega amps with my speakers, so if I purchase one it will be on faith alone. Would these go well with the B&W CM7?

As for the other integrated amps, how would you describe their sound?
I agree that a speaker upgrade looks to be a logical move here. I went from the Totem Rainmakers to Merlin and never looked back. The Merlins are in a different league entirely. You can pick them up at a very reasonable price on the after market.
Jolida keeps getting better at this stuff so maybe try one of their newer integrated amps, hybrid or all tube...I have one of their new tube power amps and it's a beautiful kick ass little bargain.
Try the new Rega Brio 900 bucks Clarity and musical and built and heavey like a brick