Looking for a GREAT preamp under $2000...thoughts?

I have a system that is mostly from the mid-90's and I'm upgrading it piece by piece. Just ordered the Gallo Reference 3.5's with sub amp, bought a Graham Slee ERA Gold Reflex phono preamp, and found a second NAD 214 amp for extremely cheap on ebay ($100), (so I can bridge it with my current NAD 214). Before upgrading the amp and turntable (Goldring GR2), I'd like to look at doing an upgrade on the preamp. What can I get either used or new for around $2000 that will blow me away? I think it's prefer solid state over tube, but I'm open to suggestions
Bel Canto Pre3 is amazing and will delight you! $1,000 used....
ROWLAND CONSUMMATE (USED). outboard power supply, bal. in/out, best metal remote control with fast/slow volume adjustments (200 steps). very tough to beat for $1800 (sometimes less). only problem is the display becomes dim after awhile- annoying but inconsequential as you can turn it off anyway, or send it to the factory to be refurbished. 2nd problem- in another league from NAD.
I agree with Grannyring on the Bel Canto... a Previously enjoyed Coda CL or CP has a very similar flavor to the Bel Canto.
Depending on taste, many folks like the Classe CP50/60/65
If you NAD's are balanced (only if balanced) the Audio Research LS-9 is alot bang for the buck.
The Rogue Perseus can be had for about $1800 new. It uses (2) 12AU7 tubes (very low noise). A very neutral, open sounding preamp with wide soundstage.
Not trying to sell you one, just saying with your budget you can afford tubes.
I am strongly considering a Bel Canto pre-amp in that price range for SS pre-amp.

For a tube pre-amp, the ARC sp-16 is very good (when the tubes are as well) and can come in well under $2000 used.
I should note that SP-16 has a very good built in phono stage. It requires at least one very low noise 12AX7 tube as the main of the three in the phono section to perform best though.

I don't think the Bel Canto pre-amps come with built in phono, but I could be mistaken.

Built in tube phono sections are best when you play vinyl regularly. For occasional vinyl use, it may make more sense to have an outboard phono section with a tube pre-amp. With SS, tube life is a non issue, so there is less to be concerned with regarding good performance in a tube phono section/pre-amp. Phono pre-amps are very sensitive to noise. Only the best quality tubes and shielding from external RFI/EMI noise will do.
Thanks. I will look into all of your suggestions. WIth the Graham Slee phono stage, I don't need a phono stage on the pre-amp. I checked out an Audio Research SP-14 and LS-5 and Rogue Audio Metis today in person. All sound very good, but the LS-5 wouldn't work with my NAD amps, so I'd have to upgrade those now, as well, and I don't think money will permit that right now. Today was the first time I had heard a tube pre amp, and I don't think I can decide based on a few minutes of listening if that's the way I want to go, or to stick with the SS sound I've known since 1996.
Van Alstine makes a Transcend 8 around 1300 that sounds quite good. Even his cheapest pre's are VERY clear, what u hear is what u got.
One point I want to make is that you can change the timbre of a tube preamp. Rolling in some NOS tubes would make for an open, lush sound. Yes, you will need to spend some time auditioning the AR and the Metis, but it might be worth it.
Definitely audition the tube preamp's mentioned and others if possible. You may find they offer a more musical sound and can be tailored to your liking.
The Bel Canto Pre3 is the best preamp I have owned. Don't see how it can be faulted. Not sure a couple NAD 214s are in the same league as the rest of your gear though.
ROWLAND CONSUMMATE (USED). outboard power supply, bal. in/out, best metal remote control with fast/slow volume adjustments (200 steps). very tough to beat for $1800 (sometimes less

Indeed, an excellent choice.
Modwright LS100 can be had in this price range if you're patient. Excellent company, great tubes, and nice sonics.
Modwright 9.0se or Ls 100 used
Osyssey Tempest or Candela new
I've got one last comment. You've got the amps you wanted, you have some EXCELLENT speakers, now take a little time to audition some tube pre's. There are excellent recommendations in the above comments. The point is to get the most out of those Gallos.
Check out some of Nightshade's offerings. They're tube but supposed to sound great. He has a forum on Audiocircle
If you can find it the Von Gaylord LAD-L2 is an outstanding preamp and usually fetches about $2k or less used. Add $300 or so for a pair of Shuguang Black Treasure or Psvane CV-181 tubes and take it up another notch in performance. I largely prefer the LAD-L2 to the Conrad Johnson CT5 it replaced. I have read of another user here who replaced his BAT VK-51SE with the LAD-L2. These are both highly lauded $8500 units.

I've used the Bel Canto C5i pre section, which is similar to the Pre3, and while nice it is not in the same league. Same goes for the Placette Passive Linestage and Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE.

I don't want to sound like a fan boy but all Von Gaylord products have been superb in my experience and have taken over most of my system.
The new Rowland stuff looks fantastic, but is damn expensive. I'm going to take a look at everyone's suggestions. Thanks for chiming in.