Looking for a great, inexpensive phono stage...

There are a LOT of choices out in the market, both new & used, for inexpensive phono preamps. There's Musical Fidelity, Bellari, Creek, Graham Slee, Music Hall, Rega, etc, etc, etc... I'd like to find something in the sub- $300.00 window but just not sure of what the best choice might be. I have a Rega Elys 2 on a P25 and it will be driving an input on a Bel Canto s300i integrated. This is temporary and will more then likely be replaced later in the year, but I want something decent for low dollars now to tide me over. Anyone have some experience with some of these or anything else interesting? I'm pretty open minded...
If you're using an MM cart, get a used Bottlehead Seduction w/CS4 upgrade. They hold value well for an eventual resale.
Check the Hagerman gear such as Cornet. Add K&K step ups for MC
I would go for a Parasound, NAD or Rega if its for the short term.
If you're going to change it later this year anyway, then get the one from your list, or suggested by others, that has the best resale value. Agonizing over the "best match" in your situation is unneeded mental stress.
I have a Bellari VP129 and I can certainly recommend it for its price range. Among similar economical preamps, I'd recommend the Pro-Ject Tube Box over the Bellari. I have both.
Anybody ever had any experience with the DB Systems DB8? Just curious....
Dear Dogmcd,
All of your choices might be wonderful, but they are like playing Russian Roulet to find one compatible with your Bel Canto s300i. You can play with the Dr. Frankenstein Squad and see what Experiment might develop, or you could play it safe. Save your money, and get a Bell Canto Phonostage. At least the villagers wont be coming to burn you out of house and home.
Dear Dogmcd,
Here is something to keep the Villagers at bay. BEL CANTO PHONO 3-mint. SELLER-Loudv12(136). The Man lives in Marina Del Rey, CA. He is asking $925.00, right here on Audiogon. Marriage made in Heaven with a Bel Canto s300i. I would beg, borrow, and steal to get it. After all, Villagers carrying torches, and pitchforks have no sense of humor!