Looking for a good tuner with AM too

I have been looking for a good tuner, but it seems that most of the really good ones like Magnum Dynalab are only FM. I listen to a lot of talk radio on AM too so I need something that will cover both bases. Any ideas?
Check ebay for a Kenwood 7500. Great analog!
Accuphase T100
Onkyo T9
Onkyo T4
Sony 550ES
McIntosh MR74...almost the performance of the MR78 for a lot less money...a real good unit
yamaha t1
How about getting a good table radio (e.g. Tivoli) for AM? I love listening to mine!
Get a Onkyo T-4711. The best tuner I ever owned and it's remote controlled with RDS and AM. I own three of them.
Accuphase Made one too
I'm a huge fan of McIntosh tuners. They'll get every single AM stations that you didn't think existed. I have an excellent MR7083 sitting around if you're interested. Let me know.
I would suggest looking at Proton or NAD..
McIntosh or Onkyo will make you happy. Mac will be happy to re-calibrate to spec for not a lot of money. I do not disagree with Proton either.
In the late 70's I had a Dynaco AF-6 am/fm stereo tuner which boasted a "state of the art" am section. That tuner is long gone but, to this day, I have never heard better am radio. On a strong signal (say, a nearby 50k watter) sound quality nearly equaled fm. This proved that am does not have to be inferior. The problem is most am sections are an atrocious joke. Years ago there was a company called McKay-Dymek (?) which made superb am tuners.