Looking for a good speaker cable for tube amps.

So I am looking to upgrade my speaker cable, my system is Genesis m60 tube amps and dali ms4 speakers. I want a biwire cable, but am not opposed to single wire with jumpers as I am going to be buying them off of audiogon and not everything you may want is always available.
I do not want a laid back cable based on the tube amps, so just a very neutral and balanced sounding cable.
Cables I have been considering:
Kimber Bi-Focal XL
Shunyata Gemini
Shunyata Andromeda

Anymore suggestions, the cables listed are the range I am looking to spend.
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Are you opposed to spending significantly less? In other words, would you not consider a less expensive option because of a preconception that the less expensive cables could not compete with the more expensive cables in your price range, even if this was not true?
tvad, I have no problems at all spending less money! I would love to hear any and all suggestions What I was referring to was that I really didn't want to spend much more than the cables that I listed.
Try Gena Labs entry cable the Jazz. I use them with tube mono blocks fed by a tube preamp. The ICs are expensive but the Jena labs are do-able if you choose the smaller braids
Gregg Straley Reality Cables fit the description of what you want, and they are available with a home trial.
JPS Labs Superconductor Petite Bi-wires are clear, open, balanced, detailed without sounding analytical, and, natural-sounding with my tube equipment. Check them out.
Grover Huffman - $75/per foot for a quad pair with a home trial.

Supra Sword would be another to consider at a higher cost.
Clear Day that advertises here on A'gon makes a very decent sounding speaker cable. I have a pair of the double shotgun cables and compared them to my Valkyrja cables. The Clear Day's haven't replaced my Nordost but they do sound good. I find the Valkyrja to have more HF extension but I like the LF of the Clear Days. The mid-range sound pretty close to the same.

Both Ridge Street Audio and Morrow Audio offer multiple week tryouts (as long as 60 days: remember break-in) and both are excellent, especially at the top of their lines.

In addition, both Robert (RSA) and Mike (Morrow) are excellent people, good listeners, very knowledgable, and very fair and business-like.

Also, Synergistic Research, especially the upper level Tesla series cables, are outstanding with tubes. Both Ted and Eliot are very informative and helpful.

All of this is of course, jmo, but based on direct experience,

:) listening,

Thanks to all who made suggestions, was also considerg a pair of cardas golden reference. Also does anyone have any experience with the andromedas and tube amps??
I am running Morrow Audio SP-2 cables on my Canary Tube Monoblocks; using Von schweikert VR 4JR speakers. These speaker cables are superb and they are not even his top of the line. And they are relatively cheap, very flexible, and have great smoothness/liquidity.

Jaymark... yeah, aren't Morrows one helluva surprise!!!

(once you get through the breakin)

Gotta love audio for so many reasons...

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