Looking for a good solid state integrated

for under $1000. Does it exist?
New or used? If used Portal Panache 100 wpc , very musical, non-fatiguing
Onkyo A-9555. Reviewed and recommended by both Stereophile and Absolute Sound. They list at $799 and are competitive at that price but are easily obtained from authorized dealers (e.g., Amazon and J&R Music World) with full warranty for under $500. Not only do they sound good (after 100 hour break-in), they have a very low noise floor and good low-level resolution like the Brit integrateds, but have higher current delivery for better dynamics, bass clarity, and extension. Some reviews even compare their low level resolution to tube amps, but they also have the speed and extension more typical of SS. It makes 85/170 wpc into 8/4 ohms, but sounds even bigger than that because of its instantaneous current delivery.

Excellent build quality and ease of operation. Best if left on all the time; hardly draws any wall current when idling.

Also, lots of I/Os and a decent phono stage, though an outboard one >$150 is better.
The Absolute Sound really liked this NAD:


There is a used Bryston B-60 on A'gon. It is an excellent amp if you don't need a ton of power or onboard phono. A very balanced, musical integrated with bullet-proof build quality!
Nothing can beat the simaudio I5 for under $1000 used. Yes, I am selling it.
gotta agree w/Lamcam! at that price, what a bargain...
Redgum 120