Looking for a good pre-amp to mate with Cary V12i

I'm looking for a good pre-amp to mate with my Cary V12i. I have been considering Supratek, DeHavilland, and Joule, but thought I'd get some additional opinions. I'm not opposed to a Cary Pre-amp, but I already have one and would like to try something diiferent.
I have owned and very much liked a Supratek Syrah, but I prefer my current preamp, a Herron VTSP1A/166 even more. It is the quietest tubed preamp I've ever owned, with a wonderfully natural and organic sound. It has plenty of fine detail but it never shoves it in your face. Also the build quality seems top notch, one area where I had some concern with my Supratek. Though beautiful it seemed a bit fragile, especially the tube sockets. I'm sure I'll get flamed for my comments by the Supratek crowd, but remember I did like the preamp and I am entitled to my own opinion. Good luck!

Thanks for your response. I have been following the Supratek discussions on Audiogon and recall seeing a post or two of yours there. The input sensitivity of my Cary is 3.5 volts, would the Herron be a good match in that respect?
Try a c-j 17LS Series 2!

Good Luck!
The output impedance of my Herron is 100 ohms nominal. I don't know enough about electronics to say if that would make it an appropriate match but something tells me it would do just fine. Perhaps someone else can weigh in with a more technical answer.

Thanks for the response. Reason I ask is that I have read some posts regarding matching based on whether the amp has a high or low sensitivity rating. My current preamp, about 9 years old now is a N.E.W. P-3 (designed and built by Cary). It has 10db of gain and 400 ohms output impedance. Like you all this tech stuff is somewhat foreign to me. Dennis Had recommended a low cost upgrade to me that would allow me to use 6CG7s instead of 12AU7s in the pre-amp giving me an better sound. But I thought before I did that I'd look around for alternatives. A new Herron is probably out of my price range, but a used one could work. The match is the most important thing though.

Can anyone else out there weigh in on this? Thanks
FYI my Herron has 14db of gain and you can usually find them used for about $2K. Good luck!