Looking for a good power conditioner

I am considering a Sound Application Line Stage or the Audio Excellence World Power Wing power conditioner, appreciate input from anyone who has knowledge of these units.
You should add the Isoclean conditioner to your list. I had the SA Linestage before and I like the Isoclean alot more.
Look into the Audience Adept Response. Supposedly the best available for the price.
I tried a few power conditioners and the moment the Sound Applications unit entered my system I knew I was done looking. Yeah I might have been able to find better if I kept on looking but what I heard more than satisfied what I was looking for. Clear and present sound.
nah, you should get one of the bigger monster units, they are the best out there
Power delivery/noise control is system specific.
I use the Power Wing.
I must give Walnut the thumbs up on the Isoclean. I waded my way through a myriad of "conditioners". Even the newer Thor, Hydra, and Sound App Ref. was a disappointment. Then I heard the Isoclean 80A3. I purchased it with the Focus PC and it wow'ed me so much I also purchased the transformer set that is suggested for an add-on. It has been the greatest improvement to my system I can say I ever made. It took my measly 60K system to a new level. I suggest everyone in the quagmyer of conditioning goo to check it out.