Looking for a good phono preamp solid state...

Looking for a good phono preamp solid state under $500.
Either used or new (and only a phono preamp).

Any recommendations.

Well, this question would get a lot more answers in teh "Analog" forum, but you should do reasearch and look into the Graham Slee Era Gold mkV phono pre.

I have it along with it's matching Elevator EXP "transformerless" steup unit for low output moving coil cartridges.

The GS units a fatastic and work well with the four carts I have - Grado "The Statement"($2.5k version), ZYX Fulji FS silver ($1.5k), Cartridge Man Music Maker III ($1k), and the clasic venerable Denon DL-103D.

All those carts are unique in their own way, sonically. And the GS products help discern the flavors without adding it's own signature to the mix.

I've seen the GS Era Gold selling used here for $775 lately. I don't think there are many that can compete in that price range and maybe more.
Used Aragon 47K w/outboard IPE power supply would be my choice.
I recommend a Camelot.

A word to the forum police. This will probably get the same number of responses no matter what forum you put it in. Most threads recieve responses while they are in the NEW TODAY section and very few new people ever see them after that. For the record, he is asking about a phono preamp which, when for sale, will be listed in the preamp section so putting it in the AMP/PREAMP forum makes sense to me.
a creek
I'll second the Aragon 47k. Even with the stock power supply it's a real performer, with the IPS it shines. A friend of mine sent his Klyne phono pre back for factory upgrades after hearing my stock 47k in his system.
The Musical Surroundings Phonomena is a nice sounding small phono pre amp.
What cart are you using? The Slee could work with out the step-up if you are using a Moving Magnet. That would keep you in your price range. There is the Rogue Stealth unit, I have seen one used go here for $550. Many say this is a giant killer, also check AudioAsylum. There are alot more people listening to vinyl in that price range than on the 'Gon.
As Colitas noted the Rogue Stealth is very tough to beat at just over your price point. The Dynavector P-75 is also quite good, especially if you are using a Dynavector cartridge. Personally, I'd stretch for the Stealth over any other new or used sub $1K SS phono pre that I'm aware of.
Lehmann Black Cube is a good choice, I upgraded to a Primare phono stage a while back and like it plenty. Both are good choices and meet your budget (used)
I found an Aragon 47k with the IPS a few years ago and have been very glad I did. Around $350. or so if I remember correctly.
Looks like I made 2 mistakes...

1) Not seeing that Mfs was looking in the sub-$500 range


2) Giving the impression that I was trying to be the "forum police" - I wasn't. Just thinking that he would get more answers in that forum because phono preamps deal specifically with....phono.

Anyway, back to the original question:

I've listened to the Musical Surroundings Phonomena and it is great little performer for it's price on the used market. The Lehmann Black Cube SE and Mccormack Micro Phono Drive fall in the same price range.

The Grado PH-1 can be had for $500 new.

Also, the Benz Micro Lukaschek PP1-T9 can be found at the next step up in price, ~$650.