Looking for a good pci card for all in one use


I'm wondering about if there is such a thing as this... One card for a dessktop pc which can output HDMI 1.2 or better, so I can use the pc as a source for video/audio source using HDMI out to a processor/receiver?

I thought about using two cards, one audio and one video w/HDMI out... but figured one would be best and eliminate the lip sync issue between the two card path.

Any suggestions? HD VIDEO isn't really needed but it would be ok.

or maybe this ought to be named, "How to make my pc into a hd video & audio source using HDMI output"

Thanks very much
I'd have thought at least someone would be able to recommend a combination of cards or an ALL IN ONE solutiojn for both video and audio output to a projector or receiver... via HDMI prefferably. multi ch audio + 720P or better video...

Or is there a better path?

There are several... Invidia and Radeon seem to be the upper tier proponents, performance-wise however.

For anyone else, besides apparently just myself, radeon HD 4870 does the deal... including high def video & audio via the HDMI output. HDCP via the DVI I output... and there's a tv out as well if you have A TV tuner in your pc.

Guess no one here is too enthusiastic about the video aspects of the pc...

I just figured if the trend to get into pc audio was getting more steam, ignoring the possibilities of encorporating one for HT too shouldn't be dismissed or even discounted.

Some precautionary notes here...

Many of these upper level graphics cards will surely add greater ease of use, and graphic enhancements providing a better signal to the outboard associated components.

One Caveat is a power supply upgrade is likely a prerequisite given many of these cards are PCI EXPRESS (16X - 2.0) CARDS operating at very high levels, thus they require greater current requirements. Some, like the Radeon and others, also need a separate connection to the power supply directly. I saw some from $100 - $125.00.

Another item is the physical size of these cards, and the fact some can and are doubled. Two cards together in tandem. one card alone was a tuff fit for my Optiplex GX 620... but then that's why God made Sawzalls, sheers, and torches and shoehorns, I suppose.

The addition of this Radeon HD 4870 was however do-able, and the resultant performance boost was a smoother operating PC, and visiably better graphics. naturally. I did not count on the smoother feell of my PC's operation however.